Sunday, August 14, 2022

Derek Brunson Shares False-Alarm Active Shooter Video

UFC middleweight Derek Brunson was one of hundreds fearing an active shooter situation on the Las Vegas strip, which later turned out to be a false alarm.

On Saturday night, panic spread through the MGM Grand when reports of a gunman emerged. One individual inside who witnessed the dramatic scene was Brunson, the #4-ranked contender at 185 pounds in MMA’s premier promotion.

Taking to Twitter, the 38-year-old spread news of the thought-to-be shooting, noting that he’s never seen so many people fleeing in fear.

“Active shooter at a casino in Vegas. Ive never seen 500 people start running through a casino like so [scream face].”

“I ran back to get my money off the blackjack table tho”

In another post, Brunson uploaded a video from within the casino. The clip shows some groups quickly making their way through the building, while the MMA fighter and a number of others shield behind tables and casino equipment.

“I was out of there #activeshooter in Vegas casino”

LVMPD Provides Update, Brands Reports Of A Shooting “Unfounded”

Despite the scene, the incident was later confirmed to be a false alarm. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released its own update on Twitter, revealing that initial reports suggested that the panic had been caused by a glass door shattering.

“Reports of a shooting near the MGM tonight are unfounded. Initial reports are a glass door shattered causing a loud noise which startled people in the valet area.”

Having seen the update, Derek Brunson went back to Twitter to clarify the situation. He jokingly took the time to apologize to those he may have “trampled” in his attempts to escape what appeared to be a potentially dangerous situation.

“So now reports say. There was no gun or shooting at the casino last night. Someone threw a rock and shattered the entrance door, causing 500+ people to start running at once & police to clear, block off and surround the hotel,” Brunson wrote. “I want to now apologize to the 3 senior citizen, 2 babies and 3 service dogs I trampled getting the hell out of there … my bad [laughing emojis]”

Latest updates have confirmed that a man threw a large rock through a glass door in the casino’s valet area. On Monday, Metro officials revealed that the individual, named as 42-year-old Thomas Bradley, was arrested for destruction of private property and transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

Members of the public are understandably on high alert following recent shootings at an Uvalde, Texas, school and Buffalo supermarket. With over 300 mass shootings in the United States so far in 2022, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see panic spread so fast.

Las Vegas has also had shootings in the past, most notably in 2017 when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire from his 32nd-floor suites in the Mandalay Bay hotel. Aiming for the crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival, the 64-year-old killed 60 people and wounded 413.

Thankfully, Saturday’s incident didn’t see a repeat of that tragic shooting and was nothing more than a false alarm.

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