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Georges St-Pierre Reveals Three Fighters He’d Face If He Returned

Georges St-Pierre may be done fighting — but if he did ultimately decide to return, he has his eyes on three particular fighters.

During a recent interview with ESPN, GSP was asked about a potential return to the Octagon. The Canadian sports legend was adamant that he’s done with professional fighting, but still entertained the hypothetical question.

St-Pierre named top-ranked welterweight Khamzat Chimaev as a desired opponent, as well as current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, and fellow retired UFC Hall Of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov on his list of fighters he’d compete against if he ever returned to the UFC.

“If I had to come back and fight today, the three current fighters I would choose to fight, and I won’t because I don’t wanna come back, but If I would have come back, I would want to be the best,” said St.-Pierre.

“So, I’d would the best guys. Maybe Usman, Chimaev and Khabib, if he would still be there. But, unfortunately for me and the fans and everybody, it’s not gonna happen. Because I’m done and I don’t miss it at all.”

Kamaru Usman had expressed interest in a fight against St-Pierre multiple times in the past before eventually letting go of the idea. He and St-Pierre have been at the center of a growing number of debates about who is the best UFC welterweight of all time.

Khabib Georges St Pierre

Khabib Nurmagomedov and St-Pierre were the only pairing mentioned by GSP that nearly happened. The two were both interested in the fight at one point, but the UFC was not. And once the UFC became more open to the idea, Khabib had already officially retired.

Khamzat Chimaev is currently undefeated and is viewed by many to be the new boogeyman of the UFC’s welterweight division. He is currently ranked #3 after defeating Gilbert Burns earlier this year.

St-Pierre retired on a 13-fight win streak, not having lost in MMA competition since 2007. He exited the Octagon as the UFC middleweight champion of the world.

“Rush” submitted Michael Bisping at UFC 217 back in 2017, winning the 185-pound title and subsequently retiring due to health concerns.

Listen to GSP’s comments about “three current fighters he’d like to fight” below:

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