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Gun Shot Survivor Is Using MMA To Regain Her Strength

A mom of five who lost her leg in a shooting is now training MMA and kickboxing for the World Kickboxing Association Champs in Ireland.

Jamie Nepia of Masterton, New Zealand is using MMA and kickboxing to heal herself both physically and mentally. Back in 2018, Nepia was shot in the leg when a group of men came to her home looking for her partner at the time.

In the commotion, Nepia began to run across the street in order to protect her mother and was shot in the middle of the street. Due to the complications of the gunshot, Nepia lost her left leg.

How MMA Helped Nepia Rebuild

Māmā who was shot turns tragedy into triumph | Te Ao Māori News

Nepia spoke about this incident with the New Zealand Herald. She explained that following the injury, she was having trouble and somedays would not get out of bed.

With the help of MMA and her gym MMA Disputed, Nepia is now training to compete at the World Kickboxing Association Championships later this year.

“I might have something happening on a day and I get to just leave it at the door for two hours and I get to go into the gym and I work,” Nepia said about how going to the gym helps her mental health. “It makes me feel absolutely amazing.”

Nepia began training just 18 months after losing her leg, first on crutches and then with her prosthetic leg. He coach Emilio Johnson is in awe of her determination.

“Even when she’s not well or her leg hurts, she’ll still turn up to the gym and show her face. A lot of our guys have been sick and haven’t turned up. Jamie’s just that one person that you can guarantee that she’ll be here at the gym.”

Nepia is training two hours a day to prepare for the World Kickboxing and Karate Association World Championships in Ireland. She will compete in the amputee division as an amputee boxer. The work and experience she went through have given her a whole new outlook on life.

“There is a lot of forgiveness that’s involved. You can forgive people, but I won’t forget what’s happened,” she says.”I say to people, just take one step at a time, definitely one step at a time. Life is so short. It can be ripped away from you any moment.”

To help her raise money for the World Kickboxing Association Championships later this year Nepia has set up a givealittle campaign.

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