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Hasim Rahman Jr. Blasts ‘Fake’ Dana White For Recent Comments

Hasim Rahman Jr. didn’t hold back when responding to UFC President Dana White‘s recent comments about him.

White was asked about Jake Paul and his upcoming fight with Rahman Jr. during a recent press conference. It’s no surprise White didn’t have good things to say given the verbal back-and-forth between himself and the younger Paul brother in recent months.

Hasim Rahman Jr. Blasts Dana White

The UFC boss stated that Paul chose an opponent who was knocked out in his last fight. However, although Rahman Jr. was defeated in his last outing, he was not knocked out unconcious.

Instead, he was TKO’d on his feet. Responding to White’s comments recently, Rahman Jr. was not happy with the longtime UFC front-man.

“First of all, I wasn’t knocked out, I got stopped, I was on my feet,” Rahman Jr. said (via DAZN).  “Dana White could put anyone in there with me, Francis Ngannou, Jon Jones, the retired dude Randy Couture, I would destroy them, he knows that.

“He’s not going to put any of his fighters with me so I don’t put much weight on what he said. He doesn’t want his fighters fighting boxers anyway, and I can get in a cage with these guys too. I’m a real fighter.”

Jake Paul & Hasim Rahman Jr.
Image Credit: Amanda Westcott

Rahman Jr. went on to say that, if he and White were face-to-face, the UFC boss would never speak that way about him the way he did this past weekend.

“He would never talk to me like that to my face. He is one of the fakest people in combat sports, so I’m actually glad that Jake Paul has been exposing him as far as how fake he is in the combat sports world.”

What do you make of Hasim Rahman Jr. and his comments towards Dana White? Sound off in the comments!

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