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Hasim Rahman Jr. Speaks Out On Canceled Jake Paul Fight

Hasim Rahman Jr. is blaming Jake Paul and his team for the recent cancelation of their August 6th boxing match in New York.

For the second time this year, a Paul boxing match has been canceled. Paul was originally supposed to face Tommy Fury on Aug. 6th before Fury dealt with travel issues to the United States, resulting in Rahman stepping up to take the fight.

Paul and Most Valuable Promotions have accused Rahman of failing to make the agreed-upon weight ahead of the fight. According to the promotion, Rahman had barely lost a few pounds in the most-recent weight check on Friday.

This prompted MVP and Paul to cancel the event altogether, including the women’s boxing co-headliner between Amanda Serrano and Brenda Carabajal.

After Paul and MVP accused him of being the reason for the fight getting called off, Rahman has taken to social media to give his side of the story.

Hasim Rahman Jr. Makes First Comments Since Jake Paul Fight Was Called Off

Jake Paul, Hasim Rahman Jr.
Image Credits: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post & Amanda Westcott

During a pair of videos posted to his Twitter page, Rahman gave his immediate reaction to the Paul fight cancelation.

“Let me go ahead and kill all this internet cap Jake Paul got going on for y’all,” Rahman said. “I signed the contract to make 200 pounds, but I couldn’t do it. My body simply wouldn’t let me do it, get down to 200 pounds. But where in boxing do you see them canceling fights a whole week in advance? I didn’t even get my last week to get as low as I could. I told this man, if there’s penalties involved, keep the purse. I’ll fight you for the $5,000 minimum. That’s how much it means to me and how much faith I have in knocking him out. I want to beat this man with one hand just like I did in the gym.

“What’s the problem fighting me at 215? What’s the problem fighting me at 210? It’s clearly them not wanting to fight,” Rahman continued. “It’s not me pulling out of the fight, it’s them not wanting to fight. I never said I didn’t want this fight, and the only thing I can conclude is they scared. They tried to drain me down, I told them I’m not going to get all the way down to cruiserweight… you don’t want to fight a real fight…he don’t want to do it because he don’t want a real, competitive fight. He wants me to be a shell of myself when I got in that ring.”

Rahman and Paul are former sparring partners who have turned less-than-amicable towards each other in recent months. Paul has alleged that he got the better of the sparring sessions as Rahman helped him get ready for a potential matchup with UFC legend Anderson Silva.

Rahman has fought in the ring since a loss to Kenzie Morrison back in April. It’s unclear if the originally planned fight with Paul will be rescheduled for a later date or if MVP will move on from the matchup.

The most-recent cancelation opens the door for Paul and MVP to explore possible fights with Fury and UFC star Nate Diaz, who have both been linked to the former YouTuber turned boxer.

What is your reaction to Hasim Rahman Jr.’s comments on the Jake Paul fight getting canceled?

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