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Holland Responds To Askren’s Crime-Fighting Doubts: “Stay In Your Lane”

UFC welterweight Kevin Holland has hit back after former Bellator and ONE champion Ben Askren suggested that his crime-fighting spree may have been staged.

While Holland is still an ever-present figure in the Octagon and has even found success in recent times with a two-fight win streak at 170 pounds, it’s perhaps time to stop referring to him as a “UFC welterweight” and as a “Texas vigilante” instead.

As well as returning to form as fighter in recent months, “Trailblazer” has been making headlines while protecting the streets. From retrieving stolen goods and disarming a Sushi restaurant gunman to rescuing the driver of a flipped 18-wheeler, Holland has been busy leading a superhero lifestyle outside of the cage.

But not everybody is convinced by his seemingly good deeds.

Kevin Holland Responds To Ben Askren’s Conspiracy Theory

During an interview with The Schmo, former UFC welterweight Askren reacted to Holland’s heroic activities with a conspiracy theory that suggests all may not be as it seems.

“Part of me almost thinks, and this is my conspiracy theorist side, like, is he just paying people to act wild so he can be this vigilante? Because what [are the] chances?” Askren said. “I have never witnessed a crime in action and then tracking someone down. I haven’t ever seen it happen.”

Recently, Holland responded to queries about the frequency of these crime-fighting events by suggesting it’s simply down to his “downtown” presence. He used a similar sentiment to hit back at Hartland, Wisconsin resident Askren, who unsurprisingly sees less crime in the woods around his house than Holland does in the city.

In his own interview with The Schmo, Holland sought to provide an analogy that might help “Funky” better understand the situation. He also offered to “dump” Askren on his head in a jiu-jitsu match.

“I mean, man, look. The same way you see squirrels rob raccoons out there in the woods, is the same way I see people rob people out here in the streets,” Holland said. “I just got tired of watching it my man, just the way you got tired of watching them squirrels and raccoons. You probably pull a little frisbee out and go ‘boom, boom.’ Same thing, same bang, same shwang, man.

“Just stay in your lane, ’cause we all know I will do a jiu-jitsu match with you and I’ll probably dump you on your f*ckin’ head.”

While Askren is well-renowned as one of the most accomplished wrestlers of all time, having collected gold medals at the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, U.S. National Championships, and Pan American Wrestling Championships, he’s been open in the past about his regret over not polishing his BJJ further during his career.

On the flip side, while his grappling deficiencies in MMA were exposed by Derek Brunson and Marvin Vettori in 2021, Holland often touts his BJJ, in which he holds a black belt under Travis Lutter.

Although Askren has been retired from MMA since 2019, perhaps we’ll be seeing the pair settle their differences on the mats down the line…

How do you think a jiu-jitsu match between Kevin Holland and Ben Askren would play out?

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