Tuesday, August 9, 2022

India’s One Punch MMA Teams Up With Israeli Coach

Indian MMA gym One Punch MMA has teamed up with a coach from Israel in an effort to improve the quality of training available in the country.

Located in Mumbai, One Punch MMA is affiliated with India’s International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).

The gym recently held the first series of what they hope is a number of collaborations with Israeli coach Ido “The Hebrew Hammer” Pariente, who holds a 13-6 record as an MMA pro and competed on Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter.

One Punch MMA and Pariente’s first foray into a partnership apparently went well, with fighters from across India attending BJJ and MMA camps over two weekends while Pariente held classes for members of the gym during the week.

More Collaborations To Come

According to the report from Business Standard, Pariente enjoyed his experience visiting the country and looks forward to further work with the gym in the near future.

“My first visit to India was a wonderful experience,” Pariente said. “I was amazed to see the talent here as some of them are naturally gifted athletes with inborn talent but with limited resources and platforms. With the right training, guidance and opportunities they can become world champions. I look forward to visiting India very soon again this year.”

Pariente currently runs the Pariente Academy MMA gym in Israel. (Michael Laurence Photography)

The apparent results of working with Pariente were displayed immediately, as fighters from One Punch MMA earned 5 medals at the Maharashtra MMA championship. This was the first instance of fighters from the gym participating in such a competition, and they ended up with a gold medal winner as well as 4 silver medalists.

A representative from One Punch MMA was pleased with the results and what the Israeli coach’s presence could mean for the gym’s development.

“With Ido Pariente on board, we are confident that we can provide training to prepare fighters that matches global MMA training standards. Indian fighters need not travel abroad to get the best training but can find it in One Punch MMA.”

One Punch MMA plan to continue organizing camps with Pariente, and in doing so hope to raise the standard of MMA training and performance in India.

What do you think of this collaboration between India’s One Punch MMA and Israeli coach Ido Pariente?

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