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Jake Paul Believes He’ll Box Logan Paul In Brother vs. Brother Superfight

“The Problem Child” would love the opportunity to beat up his older brother.

Jake Paul is not like most 25-year-olds. Most 25-year-olds cannot say they are a multi-millionaire who has dominated headlines in the sports world for two years. Most 25-year-olds cannot say they are dating a professional model. And of course, most 25-year-olds cannot say they knocked out a former UFC world champion.

Jake Paul Tyron Woodley December
Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley, Credit: AP Photo

However, one thing many 25-year-olds can no doubt relate to is that the idea of knocking out their big brother would give them bragging rights at the dinner table they’d enjoy for the rest of their natural lives and beyond the grave.

But that’s where the similarity ends. Because while most 25-year-olds would be left only with those “priceless” gloating privileges, Paul would have that along with tens of millions more dollars added to his family name.

And well, when you put it that way, why wouldn’t Jake Paul be interested in punching his brother Logan in the face on pay-per-view?

“Me and my friends were talking about this the other day that that is the biggest money fight out there,” Paul began on a recent appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast. “And Logan and I talk about it all the time. Parents don’t want us to do it. They’re like, ‘Absolutely not. Why would you do that?’

Klitschko brothers' monopoly was ended by a forgotten fight | Boxing News |  Sky Sports
Vitali Klitschko & Wladimir Klitschko

“The Klitschko brothers never fought; the Charlo brothers haven’t fought; the list goes on. And I think Logan and I like to make history, and do shit differently, and spin the narrative. And I think for that reason, the fight one day will happen…

“And why not? Well, that’s why I’m down is because he would be the one to have to deal with that for the rest of his life.”

Anyone who has followed Jake Paul’s young boxing career is aware that he has never been short on confidence. And while he concedes that anything is possible in a sport like boxing that spawned the phrase, ‘puncher’s chance,’ he believes the difference in track record would tilt the risk lopsidedly onto big brother.

“It’s boxing. Anything can happen. If my own brother knocks me out, I’m perfectly fine with that. If I knock out him, which is more likely to happen just because — Logan, I love you, but he’s never won a fight. But yeah, he would be the one to have to accept that.”

Jake Paul Cites Obstacle That Could Prevent Brother vs. Brother Showdown

As Paul indicated, he has been on the winning end in his boxing career — five times in fact — while Logan has not.

Logan Paul has one majority draw on his record in a bout against rapper/YouTuber KSI in 2018 followed by a split-decision loss to him the following year.

Still, Paul did take the man who is arguably the boxer of this generation, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the distance in an exhibition boxing bout in 2020. Yet, no winner was announced at the end of the fight, leaving Logan still winless as a boxer.

Jake, on the other hand, has a flawless record of 5-0, with four knockouts.

After Paul finished sharing how confident he’d be in a hypothetical bout against Logan, he did share one reason why the fight may never happen. It isn’t because of the illustrated experience gap between the brothers, nor is it because of meddling parents or other family members.

No, the biggest obstacle that could stand in a way of Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul is one particular risk that Jake wouldn’t be willing to take.

“I would really want to sit down with Logan ahead of that and be like, ‘Yo, can we actually come out of this peacefully?”

Logan Paul Thinks Brother Jake's Relationship With Tana Mongeau Is Fake |  Entertainment Tonight
Logan Paul, Jake Paul

Jake went on to confirm that he and Logan have not always gotten along, so agreeing to fight one another could set them on a “slippery slope” that could leave their relationship beyond repair.

And if Logan could not grant Jake the assurance that things would remain the same between them, then “The Problem Child” confessed he’d play nice with big brother and ditch all this talk of violence.

In any event, the Paul brothers are currently going down drastically different paths as recent headlines have revealed.

For Jake, he is on course to have the toughest challenge of his young boxing career next month against 12-1 pro boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. As for Logan, he is off in the opposite direction, signing a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, away from the unpredictability of non-scripted combat.

Nevertheless, the seed for a brother vs. brother superfight has been planted. So as they used to say in the WWE: Anything can happen.

Would YOU spend money to see a boxing match between Jake Paul and Logan Paul?

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