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Jan Blachowicz Rips Jiří Procházka After Teixeira Rematch Tease

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz has responded to Jiří Procházka’s latest admission about his first 205lb title defense.

Blachowicz could potentially get a second chance at UFC gold after defeating Aleksandar Rakić after Rakić suffered a leg injury back in May. Before that, he had lost his belt to Glover Teixeira at UFC 267.

Procházka went on to pull off a remarkable comeback win over Teixeira at UFC 275 last month, overcoming a slow start to earn a fifth-round submission win. After the fight, Procházka hinted at a matchup with Blachowicz taking place next for his first title defense.

But despite his past alluded interest, Procházka made headlines this past weekend when he hinted at wanting a rematch with Teixeira after being upset with his performance.

Jan Blachowicz Thinks Jiří Procházka Has Abandoned The “Samurai Code”

Jan Blachowicz
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In a recent tweet, Blachowicz responded to Procházka’s apparent backtracking.

“”Jan is for me the biggest challenge” – your words,” Blachowicz tweeted Monday. “Respect you Champ, but the samurai code was not upheld.”

Procházka and Blachowicz have both expressed a profound interest in a fight between the two giants taking place in Europe. Blachowicz in particular has hinted that a matchup with Procházka in Poland would be a huge financial success.

Teixeira is anticipating a return to the Octagon later this year and a matchup with Procházka could be in the works. But as evident in his latest remarks, Blachowicz is also waiting in the wings for the chance to become a two-time UFC champion.

Should Jiří Procházka face Jan Blachowicz or Glover Teixeira next?

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