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Leavitt Explains Why He’s “Suspicious” Of Pimblett’s “Schtick”

UFC lightweight Jordan Leavitt doesn’t feel that Paddy Pimblett’s trash talk and confidence ahead of his fights are genuine.

In a featured bout on the main card, Leavitt and Pimblett will square off at UFC London on Saturday. Leavitt has won back-to-back fights and Pimblett has won both UFC fights since signing with the promotion last year.

Pimblett is known as a fan favorite by many UFC fans, specifically in the UK. The entertainment element that he adds to his fights is a sight to behold, as evidenced by his last fight in London against Kazula Vargas earlier this year.

Leavitt has big goals for his matchup with Pimblett and has already planned to beat him not once, but twice during their respective UFC careers. While Leavitt respects what Pimblett has done in the UFC so far, he doesn’t think Pimblett is as confident as he makes himself out to be.

Jordan Leavitt Isn’t Sure What To Make Of Paddy Pimblett’s “Act”

Jordan Leavitt, Paddy Pimblett
© Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports, Jordan Leavitt/Paddy Pimblett

During his UFC London pre-fight media day, Leavitt explained why he doesn’t take Pimblett seriously when he promotes fights.

“I do think it’s mostly an act,” Leavitt said of Pimblett’s’ ‘Paddy Show’ gimmick. “I know a lot of fighters. I’ve trained with Cowboy for the past seven/eight years. And he’s very nervous before fights. If he, who has the second-most fights in the UFC, gets nervous and has all these insecurities, I know everyone else does, too. So, I’m very suspicious of like, blind bravado a lot. When I see it from a fighter, I feel like he’s usually hiding insecurities… So, yes, I’m suspicious of his whole schtick.”

Leavitt isn’t short of confidence either, as evidenced by his post-fight ‘twerk’ celebrations following recent wins over Trey Ogden and Matt Sayles. He earned a spot in the UFC following a first-round submission on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2020.

Leavitt will be in enemy territory this week when he faces Pimblett at The O2 Arena, and he’ll look to shut down Pimblett’s hype train and move closer to a potential ranking in the lightweight division.

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