Thursday, August 18, 2022

Khabib Reveals The One Celebrity He’d Fight With A Hilarious Explanation

Khabib Nurmagomedov has a rather unique idea on how to cement himself as the “Michael Jordan of MMA.”

Last year, we ran a story that described Khabib as going “full Michael Jordan.” This was because, like Jordan decades earlier, it was reported that Khabib would be retiring as the #1 ranked athlete in his craft only to try his hand at another sport. For Jordan, that sport was baseball; and for Nurmagomedov, it was reportedly soccer after he was believed to have signed a pro soccer contract.

Those initial reports shared by ESPN and other outlets about “The Eagle” landing on a professional soccer field turned out to be fake news. However, Khabib’s protégé Islam Makhachev, was reportedly referred to as the “MJ of MMA throws” after he allegedly ragdolled teammate Luke Rockhold in one particular training session.

In that sense, Khabib would also like to go “full Michael Jordan” after all — not on the soccer field, but on Michael Jordan himself.

Khabib Reveals Fictional Game Plan Against Michael Jordan

When asked at the 2022 UFC Hall of Fame ceremony which public figure or celebrity he would fight in a hypothetical MMA bout, the new HOF inductee had his answer ready.

“Michael Jordan,” Khabib replied. “You know why? Because I feel like I can take him down,” he continued before bursting out in laughter.

The visual of Khabib taking down Michael Jordan just for kicks and giggles is indeed quite hilarious. Listeners may also get a chuckle out of his simple explanation and the fact that he himself found it to be so hysterical.

On that note, let’s join Khabib in his amusement by closing with a joke…

Q: What do you call a series of Dagestani suplexes put on a Chicago Bull?

A: Air Jordans.

Want to read up on more of what Khabib has been up to since retiring from MMA? You can catch up right here!

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