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Luke Rockhold Explains Why He Uses Mushrooms In Camp

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold has discussed a new addition to his camp ahead of his return to the Octagon next month.

After over three years away from the sport, Rockhold has found his hunger for MMA again, and is ready to mount a final charge towards the gold that he briefly held six years ago.

Having begun his hiatus off the back of a brutal knockout loss to Jan Blachowicz in 2019, which marked the third time he’d been slept in a four-fight period, the Californian will look to prove his chin and ability to neutralize power punchers when he shares the cage with top-five contender Paulo Costa at UFC 278 on August 20.

As he prepares for his comeback, Rockhold is utilizing every tool available to him, including a nutritionist and even a biohacking team. In addition, the UFC vet is looking to reap the benefits of marijuana and magic mushrooms.

During a recent appearance on Submission Radio, Rockhold described how the drug usage helps him stayed zoned-in and focused during his fight camp.

“I use marijuana to kind of isolate. I don’t get any need or want to go do other things. It just kind of isolates me and hyper focuses me on my goal and just being on a one-track mind,” Rockhold said. “Then I tried mushrooms and it enhances my focus within that space.

“When (do I use mushrooms)? Like, four days a week. I don’t know, every day, I don’t know. I take them when I run. You use them post-training. I use them for cardiovascular, kind of focus training, I’d say,” Rockhold continued. “Then you just really analyze and digest what you’re doing. It gives you perspective, a lot of perspective on your training… This is the first (camp) that I’ve really incorporated it. I’ve used it a little bit in the past but never like this.”

Rockhold Takes A Leaf Out Of Tyson’s Book

Mike Tyson

Rockhold is certainly not the first fighter to utilize “shrooms” ahead of a fight. Perhaps the most notable and covered instance came from legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, who’s often discussed his drug usage ahead of and during some of his career’s biggest fights.

For the first time since a 2006 exhibition bout, Tyson return to the ring in late 2020 to face fellow boxing great Roy Jones Jr., whose last professional bout had come two years earlier in 2018.

After the eight-round contest, which was scored as a draw but widely perceived to have been a much stronger display from Tyson, “Iron Mike” revealed that he’d used mushrooms during training for his comeback, as well as during the 2020 exhibition match. He even questioned why he’d consider fighting without them.

“We don’t use [mushrooms] to run away,” he explained during an appearance on The Pivot podcast. “It helps me train, it helps me box better. When I’m fighting, I really don’t feel the punches. It’s really just some f***ing magical s***. You saw me just fight [against Jones]. I was on shrooms. 

“I wouldn’t fight without them, are you crazy? And some weed. I wish I did this s*** during my career, I’m so f***ing mad I didn’t know about this s***. The word drugs is negative,” Tyson added. (h/t Mirror Fighting)

What do you make of Luke Rockhold’s in-camp use of mushrooms?

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