Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Miesha Tate “Wouldn’t Recommend” Participating In Big Brother

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has revealed why she didn’t enjoy the experience of participating in reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

Tate is used to the fast-and-furious action involved in 15 and 25-minute fights inside the steel surroundings of a cage, where she’s achieved championship glory under both the UFC and Strikeforce banners.

But earlier this year, she swapped the Octagon for the Celebrity Big Brother house, representing her first reality television appearance outside the UFC, with a stint coaching on The Ultimate Fighter marking her debut.

After 29 days locked away from the outside world, Tate outlasted 10 other notable celebs to be crowned victor of the third season, taking home a prize fund of $250,000 in the process.

Now, as she prepares for her return to MMA next weekend at UFC Long Island, Tate has reflected on the experience, and she doesn’t exactly have fond memories…

Tate: Big Brother Wouldn’t Have Been Worth It If I Didn’t Win

During a recent interview with MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn, Tate discussed what was clearly a venture outside of her comfort zone earlier this year. Despite winning the series, “Cupcake” admitted that the experience was far from enjoyable, citing the isolation, difficult hours, and disruption to her usual routine as the reasons why.

“I didn’t enjoy it very much, I’ll be honest,” Tate said. “I enjoyed the challenge, and I am definitely a glutton for punishment, but that was extreme, because it was an entire month of isolation. We didn’t go outside at all for the entire month. My circadian rhythm is important to me. I go out every morning, I get sun exposure, and I go to sleep at the same time. It’s very important to me.

“We were doing interviews all hours of the night… under the bright halogen lights. So bad for you. It was just so different from what I’m used to. I’m an athlete and my body is my business. I really do invest in those small things,” Tate continued. “Me having disruption, not being able to plan my workouts… It was not an ideal experience… I only think it was worth it because I won.”

So, can Celebrity Big Brother fans expect a Tate return should a series comprising of past contests come together? That would be a hard no.

“I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t think I would do it again.”

Having delved into the world of reality TV, Tate’s focus is fully back on the Octagon and her title aspirations, which now surround a push for flyweight gold. After her divisional debut was canceled this past weekend at UFC 276, “Cupcake” is set to return to action next Saturday in a re-arranged matchup against one-time title challenger Lauren Murphy.

What did you make of Miesha Tate’s stint on Big Brother?

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