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Watch: Amateur MMA Fighter Takes On Two Men In Australia

An amateur MMA fighter from Australia has received praise from some fellow fighters for his actions in a recent viral video.

The video shows Viktor Lyall, who holds an 8-3 amateur MMA record, squaring off with a pair of men accompanied by a woman. It’s unclear if either of the men realized that Lyall had fighting experience, but it didn’t take too long for them to find out.

The altercation began with Lyall and the trio exchanging words before things started to escalate. The Australian MMA fighter remained noticeably calm throughout the situation, even when one of the men threatened him with a plastic chair.

Despite acting as if they wanted to fight, both men appeared eager to try and circle around Lyall for an opportunity to sucker punch him rather than engage head-on.

The highlight of the altercation is a sequence where Lyall backed one man up with a warning strike before dropping him with a head kick as he attempts to come forward. This prompted the other man to back up quickly as his friend scrambled to his feet. Lyall proceeded to walk away and warned the group not to follow him.

Viktor Lyall holds an 8-3 record as an amateur MMA fighter. (Instagram)

Rather than take the MMA fighter’s advice, the group continued following Lyall and both men ended up eating another pair of hard punches before the altercation finally ended.

Fighters Show Their Appreciation

According to Lyall’s account of the event on Instagram, he engaged with the individuals after witnessing them “beating someone brutally.”

It didn’t take long for the video to make the rounds online, and a number of other fighters took notice. One of them was Lyall’s fellow-Australian and current BKFC fighter Bec Rawlings, who shared the video on her own Instagram and praised Lyall’s actions.

Rawlings’ post of the video drew further praise from other fighters as well, including former UFC featherweight Suman Mokhtarian and former boxing heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs.

Despite the circumstances of the altercation, Lyall did emphasize in his post that anyone able to identify the individuals should refrain from harassing them.

Lyall has won his last 3 fights dating back to 2020, and he most recently finished Sean Olsen with strikes at XFC 55 in March.

What do you think of this video where an amateur MMA fighter takes on two men that were apparently beating up another person?

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