Thursday, August 18, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Goes Full Brock Lesnar, F5s Opponent

An MMA Fighter decided to show his opponent the meaning of “off the hook pain” during the Bellator 283 main card Friday night.

Brock Lesnar has been retired from MMA for six years based on his last bout against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Nevertheless, his legacy in the sport still lives on, as evident by Bellator MMA athlete Davion Franklin busting out Lesnar’s finishing maneuver Friday night — and I’m not talking about Smackdown.

Of course, before and after Lesnar became the UFC heavyweight champion, he created a strong legacy for himself in the world of professional wrestling spanning two decades. One key ingredient to his wrestling career has been his patented F5 finishing move.

MMA Fighter Davion Franklin Channels His Inner “Beast”

It would appear Brock Lesnar has himself a fan in the form of Davion Franklin judging by the move executed two minutes into his Bellator 283 fight against Marcelo Golm.

Indeed, Franklin decided, at least for a moment, to ditch all that “left cross,” “teep kick,” and “Brazilian jiu-jitsu” jazz and go full-blown WWE on Golm with an F5 mid-fight. Peep it out for yourself below.

Now there is some dispute as to whether this qualifies as an F5 or another pro wrestling move, such as Perry Saturn’s “Death Valley Driver,” but regardless of which finishing move it was, Golm was able to figuratively “kick out” and come back for the submission win himself.

After the loss, Franklin now has an MMA record of 5-1, making this his first loss in MMA. Perhaps he’ll continue to channel his inner Brock and bounce back from his first defeat by becoming a world champion.

To achieve this, he’ll likely have to completely follow Brock’s footsteps to do so, which means leaving the wrestling moves in the ring and bringing real finishing moves to the cage.

How do you rate the F5 technique of MMA fighter Davion Franklin?

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