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New MMA Fighter Dating Show In The Works

There is an MMA fighter dating show in the works with an open casting call.

The UFC is a place for the best fighters in the world, but more recently we see fighters not only needing to have the skills to win inside the Octagon, but they need a little something extra outside the Octagon.

Conor McGregor is a prime example of a fighter making himself a celebrity out of the cage. Since the “Notorious One” grew to the level of fame he has, we are seeing more and more MMA fighters looking to boost their personal brands.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor, Photo Credit: Rex / Shutterstock GQ Magazine

One way some fighters had done just that is to transition over to TV and movies. A few fighters have tried to transition to the world of wrestling, some have retired and gone to be in movies, and some like Miesha Tate have done reality TV. Now, there is a whole new type of TV opportunity brewing for fighters MMA TV is developing a dating show for fighters.

The producers are looking for eligible fighters from MMA, boxing, wrestling, or kickboxing who want to do on a reality show date.

“We’re aiming to make a program that shows fighters in a different light, more as human beings with a sensitive side rather than focusing solely on their exploits in the cage,” MMA TV founder Siju Roseje told “We’re going to match the athletes with members of the public who’ve applied to date a combat sports fighter, so hopefully, we can create quite a few compatible couples.”

With the creation of Only Fans and other types of opportunities, the draw to a fighter’s personal life has been on the rise. There is no doubt that this sort of reality show could be interesting to some fans, and with the right fighters in the spotlight, they could help themselves create a bigger following through this personal glimpse into their dating life.

Fighters who are interested can apply by sending their details and a short video with their love life history to [email protected]

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