Friday, August 19, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Erupts After Doctor Stops His Fight

UAE Warriors featherweight champion Ali AlQaisi’s title reign came to a screeching halt, resulting in a chaotic scene after the fight.

AlQaisi made his second title defense against Jesse Arnett at UAE Warriors 30 on Saturday night. He had won four fights in a row, including a title win over Do Gyeom Lee last October.

After a back-and-forth opening round, AlQaisi suffered a deep laceration near his eyebrow that forced the ringside doctor to determine if he was fit to continue fighting. The doctor then waved off the fight, resulting in Arnett earning the victory and the featherweight belt.

AlQaisi looked ready to keep competing despite the gruesome cut and took out his frustration on his opponent and his coaches following the stoppage. He got into Arnett’s face and nearly chased him outside of the cage after Arnett jumped the fence.

UAE Warriors’ Ali AlQaisi Loses His Title After Doctor’s Stoppage

Watch AlQaisi nearly start an all-out brawl following his controversial loss.

UAE Warriors will more than likely schedule an immediate rematch following the doctor’s stoppage and post-fight incident. It’s unclear if either AlQaisi or Arnett will be financially penalized after their near-brawl.

Arnett earned the featherweight title shot after an up-and-down run at bantamweight. After a series of tough weight cuts, he opted to move up to challenge for the featherweight belt against AlQaisi.

AlQaisi/Arnett headlined an eventful card at UAE Warriors 30 which also featured a bantamweight title matchup between Vinicius de Oliveira and Ali Taleb.

What is your reaction to this incident involving UAE Warriors’ Ai AlQaisi and Jesse Arnett?

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