Sunday, August 7, 2022

Watch: MMA Organization Features Fights In The Sand

Recent footage of fights held in the sand has gone viral, shining a light on another combat sports organization that strays from the norm.

With the advent of organizations like Pillow Fighting Championship and Car-Jitsu, the idea of an MMA promotion with fights held in the sand doesn’t sound so strange.

Founded in 2011, STRELKA – Street Fight Championship, aka World Street Fight Championship, carries exactly that.

Due to a recent post by Twitter page Spinnin Backfist, the off-beat promotion reached a large new batch of eyes. You can check it out below.

MMA Twitter Reacts To STRELKA Organization

Here were some of the reactions from MMA Twitter after viewing footage of the unusual MMA promotion.

“this sounds awful imagine getting sand in your eyes mid fight, it’d be worse after a KO, and ground fighting”

“Now THAT’S fight island! Take notes Dana.”

“Translating the first exchange: guy yells “put your hands up”. Kid gets KO’d. Guy yells again “what did I tel you”

“Imagine getting knocked the fuck out and then having sand in your eye”

“Brain Damage at the Beach sounds like an old WCW ppv”

The organization’s Instagram page currently has over 60,000 followers, with one of them being none other than UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jiří Procházka, who by the way, would make for a great fit for this organization — with Dana’s blessing, of course.

They also have a total of 182,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, which features full-length fights from the promotion.

And for your viewing pleasure, we’ve left one of them for you below.

Are YOU a new fan of STRELKA?

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