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Molly McCann Recalls Saving A Girl From Human Trafficking

Molly McCann was once a real-life superhero.

Many times, UFC fighters can resemble comic book or movie superheroes, and in some cases can act like them as well.

One more notable case has been UFC middleweight Kevin Holland. Holland has on multiple occasions helped law enforcement apprehend criminals. it is becoming a running joke that Holland was like the MMA’s version of Batman. Following in the shadow of Holland could be Molly McCann.

McCann spoke recently in an interview on the True Geordie podcast where she recalled a time she saved a girl in a Subway.

“I was working in Subway. I was about 23. It was a night shift, and it was like five in the morning so I’m still cutting sandwiches trying to stay awake,” she said via Middle Easy. “Some girl stumbles in, and then this man’s come over to her and put his arms around her. I was just thinking, that’s a bit sus, lad. I went, ‘Lad, what’s your name?’ He went, ‘Who are you? The bizzies (cops)?’ He was a foreign man, and his English wasn’t too great and I knew she was like, she sounded Welsh. What’s the connection there, how’s that happened?”

Molly McCann Saved A Girl From Being A Victim Of Human Trafficking

McCann continued to explain that she followed the man outside with her friend and got into a physical altercation with the man. She says the man tried to kick her and she was able to block it. Her friend was able to call for the police in the meantime. The police showed up and apprehended the man.

Molly McCann
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“Turns out he had put date rape (drug) in her drink at a nightclub and then watched her come to Subway,” she explained. “Then, he was trying to get her in the car and human traffic her. Basically, I’ve clocked it and caught him and then he got picked from the bizzies. He was an illegal immigrant and he got deported and sent back to wherever he was from.”

This was all before McCann made her way to the UFC. She is now one of the brightest stars in the UK and will be returning to action at UFC London on July 23 against Hannah Goldy.

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