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Molly McCann: Well, I’m At Least Ready For One Shevchenko Sister

Molly McCann is ready to take on Shevchenko following her UFC London win, but not that one.

One of the biggest winners of the night at UFC London last weekend was Molly McCann. She put away Hannah Goldy in the first round with a spinning elbow followed by strikes. The TKO was the second in a row for McCann and now she is in a position to begin to call for fights.

In the UFC London post-fight presser, McCann called for a familiar name, Antonina Shevchenko. Antonina is the sister of UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko. McCann acknowledges that she may not be ready to take on the champ just yet but is down to beat up her sister.

Molly McCann
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Molly McCann Has A Plan To Take Out Antonina Shevchenko Before Taking Out Valentina

“So I never call anyone out that’s not fair for me to do. But when you talk about legacy, prestige, who is the best in the game it’s Valentina, you know? Am I Valentina ready yet? No, lad, come on. Am I Antonina ready? Let’s see, I believe I am,” McCann said.

“This isn’t like a diss. This isn’t like I think I’m going to FU everywhere. No. I genuinely think this is an amazing fight to have. And I know like, if they do one fight come from me, if I ever make it to Shevchenko, they’ll have the blueprints, but I’ll also have the blueprints. So with the greatest respect, I’ve said her name because I think she’s the best. So, I would like you to tell her that I believe she is the best that’s what I’m trying to challenge her for that.”

Antonina Shevchenko has had eight fights in the UFC, she has won four of those fights. Shevchenko is 37 years old and less accomplished in mixed martial arts than her sister. McCann feels a win over one sister could make the fight with the other more interesting. The only woman in the UFC to have fought both Shevchenko sisters is Katlyn Chookagian, who defeated Antonina right after losing to champion Valentina.

Do you think McCann’s idea of fighting both Shevchenko sisters is a good one?

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