Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Former NSAC Executive Director Explains Issue With Open Scoring

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and former executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Marc Ratner has revealed which side of the open scoring debate he sits on.

There’s always a host of prominent debates in the MMA scene, from discussions surrounding fighter pay and the UFC’s show/win system to the divisional and overall GOAT discourses.

One topic that has perhaps risen closer to the surface than ever before surrounds the potential implementation of open scoring, with a number of controversial results in recent times leading many to flag the system as a potential fix for what some perceive to be flawed judging.

But while many fighters and pundits back open scoring as a means to let fighters know where they stand during their bouts, others believe it’ll have an effect on entertainment, and think it’s down to the fighters and their corners to educate themselves on the criteria in order to follow the correct strategy.

Ratner, a member of the International Boxing, Nevada Boxing, and UFC Hall of Fames, firmly sits on the latter side of the debate.

Ratner Is “Adamantly Against” Open Scoring

During a recent interview with The Schmo, Ratner, who is still an ever-present at Octagon-side for UFC events, explained why he massively opposes the implementation of open scoring in the promotion.

“Against. I am adamantly against. I’ve been involved in open scoring in boxing. I understand all the arguments,” Ratner said. “One of my favorite moments in combat sports — this may sound silly to a lot, but when I hear Michael or Bruce Buffer, when you’re waiting after a three or five-round fight, say ‘and still’ or ‘and new.’ It’s an iconic moment that you don’t get in any other sport.

“I do understand some of the arguments. All that I would tell any cornerman, never say that you’ve got the fight in the bag to your fighters,” Ratner added. “Say, ‘Man, this is a close fight, we don’t know how they’re gonna judge it. Go out in that third round and fight like hell.'”

Ratner went on to suggest that the real issue comes with the lack of education in regards to the scoring criteria, something that was highlighted by some in the aftermath of Ketlen Vieira’s victory over Holly Holm in May.

With that, Ratner highlighted the recent seminar that took place that was designed to ensure that members of the UFC broadcasting team are well equipped to efficiently and correctly pass over the correct information to the fanbase during events.

“For the most part, (the scoring) works,” Ratner claimed. “We had a great seminar last week with our analysts and our play-by-play (commentators), with two judges and two referees going over the criteria to make sure that what the analysts are saying is also conducive with what the judges are looking at. So, it’s about education.”

Do you agree with Marc Ratner’s take on open scoring?

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