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Nunes Identifies Biggest Difference Between ATT & New Gym

Amanda Nunes explains why she started her own gym and left ATT.

Amanda Nunes might be heading into the most important fight of her career. After losing the title to Julianna Peña in December, Nunes has been focused on getting the belt back. The road to get here to the rematch was long and took Nunes outside of her longtime home gym, American Top Team (ATT) and into her very own gym setting.

Nunes admitted that the training camp leading up to UFC 269 was not her best. Losing to Peña was the first loss for Nunes in either bantamweight or featherweight in six years. She decided to take matters into her own hands and branch out with her wife and fellow UFC fight Nina Nunes and open her own gym in Florida. With the rematch just a few days away, Nunes explains why she decided to leave ATT.

“I feel like that you’ll be able to set up times better. You know, and you can have a coach all the time with you too,” Nunes explained to ESPN. “Because, you know, a lot of people, their coach travel all the time and you gotta wait for the coach. I feel like you have the coaches or the times you can like, ‘Oh, I know, I can, let’s train later, let’s train me early’. So you have that flexibility to do whatever you want with your training because the coach is always going to be there for you.”

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Amanda Nunes Is Looking Ahead At The Gym Being A Nestegg For Retirement

ATT is one of the biggest gyms in America and is home to many high-caliber fighters. Nunes’ change may make her life easier in the lead-up to the fight, but she is also looking to make her life easier once fighting is finished. She is hoping this gym can be her retirement one day.

“Now I also get the opportunity to go on my own and raise my gym’s name as well. So in my name, and now I can I fully can say that I did everything in my life. And I’m okay with it because if I retire and then I didn’t do what I wanted to so bad, I have a gym at least for myself. I would have been like damn, I only need to do my gym. So now, I have [that], so it’s gonna be completely everything when I’m retired.”

Although Nunes is speaking of retirement, she reiterated that that time is not coming anytime soon. She says she still has a lot of fight left in her, and she plans of going until the wheels come off.

Do you think Nunes will regain her title this weekend at UFC 277?

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