Friday, August 19, 2022

O’Malley Becomes Generous Gas Station Worker In Hilarious Video

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley swapped the MMA gloves for the cash register in a recent prank video on YouTube.

O’Malley has often prided himself in his ability to self-market himself. From his Twitch streams and YouTube podcasts to merchandise and business aspirations, “Sugar” has become somewhat of a poster boy for the idea that it’s down to the fighters to improve their notoriety away from the Octagon.

Well, O’Malley has continued his prominent presence in the online space, this time in another collaboration with the ThatWasEpic YouTube channel.

Having previously featured in a video titled “Picking Up Girls With Suga Sean O’Malley,” the Montana native has appeared again, this time helping to dish out free items at an Arizona Shell garage.

In the upload, called “Everything is free at this gas station,” O’Malley can be seen handing out $100 vouchers, as well as full tanks of gas and other items for no charge. This went on during some hilarious scenarios with fellow “shell worker” and the man behind ThatWasEpic, Juan Carlos Gonzalez.

This Isn’t O’Malley’s First Charitable Video

O’Malley has appeared in a similar video before on his own YouTube page. “Sugar,” who is currently the #12-ranked bantamweight in the UFC, provided a host of strangers with $100 outside of a Walmart.

When he was criticized for recording the generous offering by rival Marlon Vera, O’Malley hit back at “Chito,” claiming that the good deed made him feel good, and questioning whether the Ecuadorian had ever given as much away himself.

With that in mind, while his fame and wealth increases, the young fighter is clearly still keen on giving back to those less fortunate than him. Love him or hate him, it’s hard to criticize O’Malley for that.

O’Malley was last in action as a fighter at UFC 276 earlier this month. In a disappointing turn of events, his chance to ascend into the top 10 and closer to title contention ended in a no contest after an accidental eye poke rendered Pedro Munhoz unable to continue.

After the result, O’Malley admitted that he was hoping to still receive his win bonus for the anti-climactic affair. Perhaps that was with an expensive day at Shell in mind…

What did you make of Sean O’Malley’s latest collaboration with ThatWasEpic?

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