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Sean O’Malley Explains Why Munhoz’s Evidence Of Eye Injury Is Invalid

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley isn’t buying what Pedro Munhoz has been selling since their UFC 276 no-contest.

The featured main card bout between O’Malley and Munhoz came to an abrupt end after O’Malley accidentally poked Munhoz in the eye in Round 2. After under two minutes of rest, Munhoz was deemed unable to continue fighting and the bout was ruled a no-contest.

O’Malley apologized to Munhoz immediately after the fight but took it back during his post-fight press conference. He accused Munhoz of looking for a way out of the fight and considers it a win for him.

As O’Malley and some online trolls attacked the legitimacy of Munhoz’s injury, Munhoz took to social media to provide evidence of a cornea abrasion diagnosed by doctors.

Sean O’Malley Has Dismissed Pedro Munhoz’s Eye Injury Claims

Sean O'Malley, Pedro Munhoz
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During a recent episode of his BROMALLEY podcast, O’Malley explained why Munhoz’s recently posted evidence doesn’t change his stance.

“The thing he posted about the eye being scratched or whatever, I had multiple people hit me up and say that you can get that from the wind blowing dirt in your eye,” O’Malley said. “You can get that same injury. And then he said I poked him twice. So he thought the first one where I punched him in the eye was a poke, that’s the one that swole his left eye shut. That’s the one that really hurt him…

“When I hit him in the gut earlier and they said it was a nut shot, he held his eye,” O’Malley continued. “So he used that low body shot to take time for the eye that I punched… I’ve been poked in the eye, I’ve poked someone in the eye. That was not a fucking poke in the eye.”

It’s unclear if the UFC will book an immediate rematch between O’Malley and Munhoz after the controversial finish. O’Malley seems to be moving on from the matchup and recently called out Henry Cejudo for a fight.

Following a relatively cordial build-up to their fight, O’Malley and Munhoz seem like bitter adversaries now and they may run it back in the Octagon soon.

What are your thoughts on the Sean O’Malley/Pedro Munhoz eye poke controversy?

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