Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Paddy Pimblett Roasts Leavitt For Missing A Mutual Interview

Paddy Pimblett has no respect for his opponent missing an interview.

The upcoming UFC London bout between Paddy Pimblett and Jordan Leavitt is becoming a grudge match. In the leadup to the fight, the growing animosity between these two has risen.

During fight week, they were each making promises of humiliation if they were to win. Leavitt promised to twerk on Pimblett when he wins and Pimblett threatened a “tea-bag” situation for his fallen opponent.

Now, the animosity is growing even further after Leavitt was a no-show to an interview the two were supposed to go together.

Leavitt is coming into enemy territory in this fight. Pimblett hails from Liverpool, just a stone’s throw from the O2 Arena in London. Last time out, he was a huge fan favorite and used the roaring crowd to fuel him to a submission win in March.

Leavitt made a comment about the crowd in his pre-fight interviews which is sure not to win him over in their eyes. Now missing an interview with UK-based BT Sports allowed Pimblett to go full send on his upcoming foe.

“I’m quite disappointed in him, to be honest, lad,” Pimblett said. “I thought he had a set of cojones on him, but he obviously hasn’t. I mean, I can’t believe he’s backed out man, all the free publicity he was gonna get. I mean, he was gonna gain so many followers just off an interview with me, but he was scared to sit across the table from me just shows I’m already living in his head rent-free.”

Pimblett Feels He Has Won The Mental Battle With Leavitt

During the sitdown, Pimblett unveiled that he had bought Leavitt a gift for their meeting. The gift was a book entitled, “B**ch” and “The Baddy,” and Pimblett explained why he felt the title very fitting for Leavitt.

“That’s what he is, a little bi-ch, didn’t turn up for the interview,” Pimblett said. “I can’t believe he’s turned it down. That just shows me I genuinely feel I’ve already won. I won the mental battle already. And for me, fighting 90% is a mental battle. I mean like I genuinely feel I have already won this fight before I’ve got an even got in a cage and he hasn’t even walked out yet, and to that I mean it.

Pimblett and Leavitt will battle it out on the main card of UFC London, going down live from the O2 Arena in London tomorrow (Saturday), July 23.

What do you make of Jordan Leavitt no-showing his face-to-face interview with Paddy Pimblett?

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