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Pimblett Says He’ll Only Fight On PPV Or Anfield After UFC London

Paddy Pimbeltt is setting his sights on the big cards going forward.

The UK stars are coming out for the UFC London event set to take place this weekend in the O2 Arena. The last event in London saw a great reception from fans all over the world. Some are calling it the best Fight Night event ever.

Dana White was so impressed that he gave out a record number of performance bonuses. Despite the London card being the top-shelf event in Europe, one man is setting his sights on bigger and better events.

Paddy Pimbeltt is a rising star in the UFC. Since his UFC debut, he has been making a name for himself showing off his personality and fans are eating it up. Pimbeltt envisions himself as the biggest star in the UFC one day, and it is safe to say that he believes he’s well on his way there.

“I’m nearly there already, lad. I’ve had two fights, I’ve had more media than anyone else this week. That’s a fact. I’m doing a sit-down face-off interview with the mushroom [Leavitt] tomorrow,” Pimblett said in his pre-fight interview. “When does that ever happen when it’s not the main event or a title fight? It doesn’t, and there’s only one reason that’s happening: because of me. Everyone knows I’m the boy. I’m the new kid on the block, and I’m the one that’s getting the bums on seats.”

Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett Wants To Fight In Front Of His Hometown Crowd In Liverpool

Pimblett hales from Liverpool so fighting in London is like a hometown fight for him, but not exactly. In all three of his UFC fights so far, Pimblett has been featured on the main card, but he is looking to up that with a PPV appearance next time out. That is unless the UFC wants to bring a card to his hometown of Liverpool.

“This will be my last fight in the UK for a good few years until we do Anfield. After this, lad, I’ll be fighting on pay-per-views. UFC are losing too much money having me fighting on ESPN+ in the States, lad.”

With a win at UFC London over Jordan Leavitt, Pimblett could find himself in the lightweight rankings and in a portion to get exactly was he is envisioning for his future.

Do you think Paddy Pimblett is on pace to become the biggest star in the UFC?

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