Thursday, August 18, 2022

Fighters Are “Taking A Dive” In Wild New Punch Club Event

Are you tired of seeing fighters get brutally knocked out and fall to the mat without suffering any further consequences?

If you answered “yes” to the above question, the latest offering from Russian fight promotion Punch Club might be just the sport you’ve been looking for.

The combat sports world has had no shortage of unique and sometimes questionable offerings in recent years. Russia is well-known for continually producing some of the most dominant and successful fighters across a number of martial disciplines, but the country also appears to love creating these wild, creative, and occasionally dangerous events.

Punch Club had already made a name in this particular industry after previously creating “Punch Box,” but their newest idea manages to raise the stakes (and the fighters) even higher.

Look Out Below

A recent clip from the Russian promotion’s Instagram introduced “Punch Fall”, where two fighters square off on top of a shipping container suspended over a body of water. The fighters, equipped with hand wraps and what appear to be boxing shoes, trade punches as a referee looks on from the edge of the container.

As one would expect from such a set up, the bout ended when one fighter was hit hard enough to knock him off balance and go tumbling into the water below. The loser recovered quickly and could be seen swimming away as group of spectators watched from the shore.

Punch Club previously created “Punch Box” where fighters are enclosed inside a phone booth.

While the loser in this particular bout presumably had no issues swimming back to land on his own power, the concept obviously raises concerns in the event a fighter was knocked unconscious before landing in the water.

Based on the attire of the fighters and the action from the clip, the new event looks to be a bare-knuckle boxing style affair. If there’s any plan for an MMA version and the fights are contested on a similarly sized shipping container, a reckless takedown attempt could easily result in one or both of the combatants going for a swim.

Punch Club’s Instagram post claims that “soon you will see the full version on the channel.” Given that the image of an MMA fighter missing a takedown and flying into the water has now been put out into the world, be prepared for Punch Club to introduce a version of the idea in the near future.

What do you think of the latest combat concept from Punch Club? Should prospective fighters start working on their backstroke as diligently as they do their boxing?

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