Friday, August 19, 2022

Retired MMA Fighter Is Now Fighting For Kids To Get Scholarships

Former MMA fighter Daniel Puder is making sure that children get the scholarships they were promised.

In West Virginia in June of this year, The Hope Scholarship program law was ruled unconstitutional. In Kanawha County, a judge decided to overrule this program that was accepted as a law last year.

The Hope Scholarship program was set to offer 300 children in the Kanawha County area scholarships for private or homeschooling. Because of the nature of the funds coming from public schooling and offering towards private schooling the court decided that this law was not to be granted. This has left 3000 families unsure of where they will send their children in September or August.

Daniel Puder, a retired MMA Fighter, now holding the position of president of the MLMPI Preparatory Academy is willing to offer up 25 scholarships to the school.

“I’m not going to throw these kids out. I’m going to pay for it,” Puder told Global Circulate.

Students via MLMPI on Instagram

Puder And The Rest Of The Faculty At MLMPI are Doing Everything They Can To Help Students And Their Families

The 25 scholarships are a far cry from helping all 3,000 that were offered help last year when the program was first made into a law, but Pruder is using all the assets he can to help out.

“You know, if we can do it we will,” Puder said. “Does it cost us money? Sure. It’s going to cost us anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 this year. It’s going to be expensive. But why? I wish I had me when I was a kid, and I had a challenge like some of these other kids are going through.”

According to Misty McCune, the Dean of Students for Montgomery Preparatory Academy, the school will be giving out 25 scholarships on a first-come, first-serve basis. The scholarships will be for the student’s entire tenure at the school.

To contact Ms. McCune, please email her directly at [email protected]

What do you think of this act by Puder and others to ensure children get the education they need?

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