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Sean O’Malley On Not Having A Manager: “S**t Gets Done Right”

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley enjoys being in control of his career ahead of the biggest fight of his life at UFC 280.

O’Malley will face former bantamweight champion Petr Yan at UFC 280 on Oct. 22. A win could give him a potential bantamweight title shot amidst a fast rise through the division.

O’Malley has been critical of the UFC’s pay structure and went as far as to point out that he doesn’t want to fight five rounds without a significant pay raise. He’ll fight three rounds with Yan for his next matchup.

While a large majority of combat sports athletes have managers who direct their path in the sport, O’Malley has opted to go at it alone and be in full control of all of his assets.

Sean O’Malley Explains Reasoning Behind Not Having A Manager

Sean O'Malley
Credit: MMA Junkie

During a recent interview on The MMA Hour, O’Malley revealed he’s his own boss when it comes to managing his career.

“Solo dolo,” O’Malley said. “No middle man, no one taking a random percentage for being a middle man. I do my own deals and shit gets done right.”

When further pressed on his decision to ride solo, O’Malley explained why he feels it’s in his best interest as a fighter.

“Let’s say UFC gets the sponsorship deal, and whoever handles that at the UFC wants Sean O’Malley. Then they go to [my] management and take 15% just to tell me about the deal… you want 15% of my money just because you did what? That’s not happening… it just makes sense [to not have a manager],” O’Malley explained.

“I personally enjoy doing all the business side of things. There’s some fighters who are probably like ‘fuck that, I don’t wanna look at that stuff, you take care of it and I’ll give you a percentage’. I like to be a part of my deals. I like to be directly in communication with all my brand deals, the UFC specifically, just everyone.

“I don’t want any missed communication, all of that seems to happen when there’s an extra voice in the middle, and it’s just not necessary at least for me,” O’Malley continued. “It’s nice getting that check and not having to [spread it out]… I don’t wanna write a check to a management team for really not doing much.”

O’Malley recently revealed that he views the UFC in a different light from a business perspective, pointing to the importance for him to work in collaboration with UFC President Dana White and the rest of the brass.

Fighter pay has become a hot-button issue in recent years. White and the rest of the UFC have been criticized for how they do business and how they treat their fighters financially during and after their careers.

O’Malley has decided to take it upon himself to manage his fight bookings, sponsorships, etc., and seems to be successful in doing so. This could potentially become a trend amongst UFC fighters like O’Malley who have been frustrated with fighter earnings.

Should more UFC fighters like Sean O’Malley choose to represent themselves?

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