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Sean O’Malley Explains What’s Changed How He Views The UFC

Rising UFC star Sean O’Malley has had a bit of a perspective change on the UFC in recent months.

O’Malley was recently a guest on “The Pivot Podcast” and discussed how he’s changed his past viewpoint of seeing things as “me versus the UFC” to “me and the UFC together,” and how the monetary situation between the two sides works.

“I think, recently, the last six or seven months, kinda having that perspective change, and being like, ‘Okay, it’s not me versus the UFC, it’s me and the UFC together.’ The more money I can make them, the more money they can pay me.

“And Imran (Jawaid), who you guys met, really, really kinda helped me develop that mindset. He’s like, ‘Hey, let’s meet with Dana, let’s meet with Hunter, let’s meet with Sean Shelby. Let’s build a relationship with them.’ I’ve sat down with them, I’ve had dinner with them, I’ve built a relationship, a genuine real one. It’s really changed like, how I view the UFC. I’m a partner of the UFC.”

Sean O'Malley
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Sean O’Malley & His Past Issues With UFC Pay

This seems to be a slight change of tone from O’Malley’s past comments about fighter pay. “Sugar” once said he won’t fight five rounds unless he receives a significant bump in pay to do so.

However, now he seems to be of a new mindset, and it’s certainly working for him. The bantamweight star is on a three-fight win streak at the moment. Sadly, his last outing against Pedro Munhoz resulted in a No Contest due to an eye poke.

A potential win over Munhoz would’ve done wonders for O’Malley and his pursuit of UFC gold. It will be interesting to see who the UFC pairs him up against next.

What do you make of Sean O’Malley and his new view on his partnership with the UFC? Sound off in the comments!

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