Friday, August 12, 2022

Sean Strickland Tackles Joe Biden & Inflation

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland has given his take on a high-profile political topic spurring discussion across America.

The term “Strickland has given his take” can induce more concern than most in MMA. From light-hearted comments regarding Israel Adesanya and anime, as well as a promise to “dry hump” upcoming opponent Alex Pereira if he gets hurt on the feet, to more controversial ones, which has included remarks branded as homophobic and questionable takes on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Strickland never fails to draw reactions and headlines.

Unsurprisingly, the #4-ranked 185lber’s UFC 276 media day appearance went along the same lines on Wednesday.

Sean Strickland Unleashes On President Biden

While some reporters did their best to keep the topics related to Strickland’s important clash against Pereira on Saturday, which is expected to serve as a title eliminator, line of questioning found its way to Joe Biden’s presidency.

When asked for his thoughts on the 46th and current president of the United States, “Tarzan” responded by attempting to give the 79-year-old Democrat a lesson in inflation.

“Oh my God, Biden, f*cking Biden, dude. Give me a f*cking break. Let me go on a rant real quick. A rant, a real f*cking (rant) about America,” Strickland said. “This is why like, I’m not a huge American fan, right. Like, you a*sholes, with all this inflation. Let’s just say — and this is why if you’re trying to buy a house, f*cking Mazda man [media member], you’re about that time when you need to start trying to get a f*cking wife, have a couple kids — all that inflation does, with Biden, is you let people like me, or other people with money, go and buy these f*cking houses, so little Mazda kid can’t do it.

“We’re like, ‘Oh no, inflation.’ All inflation does is make their million-dollar f*cking loans that they get devalue, and they raise your f*cking rent for that. Like, don’t get me started on f*cking Biden and America, man,” Strickland continued. “I’m the most patriotic f*cking guy there is, but I can’t love America and I can’t like America, because if I f*cking liked America, I’d be a f*cking radical f*cking terrorist… It’s easier just to be like, ‘Let’s go Brandon!'”

Strickland isn’t the first mixed martial artist to make his views on this topic public, with UFC welterweight star and Donald Trump supporter Jorge Masvidal consistently slamming Biden on social media and in interviews, including on the topic of inflation.

Inflation in America resumed its rapid rise in recent times, with the topic becoming arguably the president’s biggest economic challenge. Biden’s efforts to engineer a fast labor market recovery has fallen on the back foot while the effect that rising prices has had on US households attracts headlines.

Consumer price growth ascended by another one percent in May, with monthly increases in inflation likely to continue moving forward due to substantial energy costs. With that in mind, the topic is certainly not likely to fall away from the surface anytime soon, even at UFC media days it seems.

What do you make of Sean Strickland’s comments?

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