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Sonnen Brands Fury’s Failed US Travel “Easy Fix” & Excuse Not To Fight

Former two-division UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen isn’t buying Tommy Fury’s reason for pulling out of his scheduled fight with Jake Paul.

Last December, Fury was expected to represent the first professional boxer to test the relatively unknown talents of YouTuber-turned-pugilist Paul. But just weeks before they were set to share the ring in Tampa, Florida, Fury withdrew due to injury.

After notching another win back in his home country earlier this year, the Brit agreed to face Paul again, this time inside New York’s prestigious Madison Square Garden on August 6. But once again, “TNT” won’t be making it to the squared circle, this time after being denied entry to the United States.

Since the announcement of his withdrawal, Paul has consistently berated Fury on social media, accusing him of going into hiding when his team approached to help secure travel. “The Problem Child” also brought back the name “Tommy Fumbles,” which he’d initially got trending following the pair’s first cancelled clash.

And it seems that Paul isn’t the only one dubious of Fury’s withdrawal.

Sonnen Doubts Fury Wanted To Fight Paul

During a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen discussed the second failed attempt at booking Paul against the younger half-brother of WBC and The Ring Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury.

Branding Fury’s visa issues as an “excuse,” Sonnen claimed that securing Fury access to the US ahead of the August 6 bout wouldn’t have been challenging. With that in mind, “The American Gangster” suggested that the Englishman would have found a way to pull out no matter what.

“What was Tommy’s excuse? Tommy’s excuse was a visa issue. He couldn’t get in the country,” Sonnen said. “Now, when I tell you that he could’ve reached out to me, this is not an exaggeration. If he would’ve reached out to me… I’ve been in politics, I’ve been in government. I can get him into the country… Jake Paul’s team had looked into it. There was a couple steps that he could do.

“The point that I’m trying to get to you is that this was very easy to fix. So when we saw this visa business, this was the way out that he had been searching for. He was planning on saying his shoulder got dislocated. He was planning on falling off a ladder and saying his ribs were broke,” Sonnen continued. “Whatever plan he had, he hadn’t got to yet because he didn’t need to because now he has transportation issues.”

Sonnen also pointed to Fury’s written statement on social media as further evidence. In it, Fury stated that he’d be open to traveling to a “neutral” country to make the fight happen, ruling out the possibility of Paul crossing the Atlantic to throw down in England.

According to Sonnen, those words proved what he’d been saying all along, which was that Fury was never going to box “The Problem Child.”

“It’s not as though any of us believe that that’s really going to stop the fight… He decides to put it in writing… to confirm everything that Chael said was true,” Sonnen said. “Fury said in there… ‘If we can find a neutral country that we can both get into.’ Stop, stop. He’s now not asking for a flight. He’s now not asking for a visa. He’s now not asking for somebody with a friend or family members who’s in the house or the senate to make a phone call. He is letting you know, ‘I am not coming to the United States.’

“He then knew the only way this fight gets saved… he knew it was still a possibility that Jake and Eddie Hearn and company pack up and they fly back across the pond, they just set it up in England. That’s why it’s important it was a neutral country, because he wouldn’t be able to take the fight in England,” Sonnen added. “Once you read that… he showed you how accurate I was when I told you this fight was never going to happen.”

Paul will now be facing 12-1 boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. on August 6 instead.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen? Was Tommy Fury’s withdrawal inevitable?

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