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Sonnen: The PFL Should Release Kayla Harrison Immediately

Chael Sonnen feels that Kayla Harrison‘s recent admissions regarding her PFL future should disqualify her from competing in the league.

Harrison made headlines recently when she teased a 2023 leave from the PFL, citing her desire to get fights against tougher competition. This came after a free agency period which saw Bellator and the UFC reach out with interest in adding her to their respective rosters.

Harrison is set to face Martina Jindrová in the PFL Playoffs on Aug. 20. A win would send her to her third-straight PFL Championships appearance and a chance to become a three-time PFL lightweight champion.

But Sonnen believes Harrison’s recent disinterest in returning for another season should be the writing on the wall for the PFL to cut ties with their biggest star.

During a recent video on his YouTube channel, Sonnen explained why the PFL should consider moving on from Harrison as soon as possible.

“Look, Kayla just came out and did this. She’s with the PFL, she’s flirted with leaving them. She has no loyalty to them, which she has made crystal clear. She sees it as some kind of a power,” Sonnen said of Harrison. “That one I don’t get. And she’s getting a whole bunch of money, but she’s not making the money. She’s taking their money. I’ve never done that, and I would tell you my ego wouldn’t let me.

“I’ve never done business with a guy where he didn’t make a whole jackpot full of money, and my ego — I would never have felt good about that. You’re getting your ass kicked because I got you to make a deal so I’m a good businessman? A lot of people would say yes. I’m sharing with you, on a personal, I wouldn’t do that.”

Bellator offered Harrison the most lucrative deal during her free agency before the PFL matched it, resulting in Harrison returning this year. She’s gone on to earn wins over Marina Mokhnatkina and Kaitlin Young during the PFL regular season.

Kayla Harrison Recently Admitted This Is Likely Her Last PFL Season

Kayla Harrison
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Sonnen went on to reveal what he feels the PFL should do next following Harrison’s comments.

“Kayla’s taking a bunch of money; she’s not bringing it in,” Sonnen claimed of Harrison. “This is not a partnership; this is not two ways; and she’s not pretending that it is. But she’s now come out and said she’s not gonna come back to the PFL after this tournament is done. Release her today. That is the answer. There is only one.

“You’re in the business of promotion. You must be very disciplined to only enact policies that are sustainable. If someone is leaving you, you cannot promote them. You are now an event planner. You’ve got these one nights. You’ve never broken even on her. And the money and the marketing that it’s going to take isn’t worth it if she’s gone.

“So let’s cut our losses now. Let’s do this publicly. You made it public, so let me come back in public to remind you of who’s in charge. Whoever signs the check is in charge, and it’s still me. And here’s your pink slip.”

The PFL, including CEO Peter Murray and League President Ray Sefo, have yet to publically comment on Harrison’s recent statements. The league has previously hinted that Harrison was expected to be a big part of their pay-per-view division which is set to launch next year.

Harrison’s PFL future seems in doubt, and Sonnen believes that the league should do whatever it takes to cut ties with her so both sides can move towards the future.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen’s take on Kayla Harrison and the PFL?

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