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Stephen Thompson Details Why It Is Taking So Long To Book Next Fight

Stephen Thompson is being patient when it comes to picking his next opponent.

With the UFC welterweight division full of stars and rising stars, one popular name has been on the sidelines. Stephen Thompson last set foot in the UFC Octagon back in December and as on now has no next fight on the radar.

Thompson is a two-time title contender but is now riding a two-fight losing streak. When it comes down to setting up his next bout and opponent, he is being a bit more calculated.

“We want to make sure that we get a good, exciting fight for the next one. We don’t want really somebody who just shoots in the whole time and that’s all they’re going to be doing,” Thompson told MMA Junkie. “It doesn’t make for an exciting fight, not for the fighters and not for the fans.

“So just getting the right fight for my next one. I think that has a lot to do with maybe why it’s taking so long. Besides that, you know, I’m happy doing what I’m doing here teaching karate, obviously, we have the school we’re running back home. I’ll be in Vegas next week for International Fight Week.”

Stephen Thompson Ponders Possible Next Fight

Stephen Thompson, Kevin Holland
Image Credits: MMA Fighting & Cageside Press on YouTube

Thompson’s last two losses were against top-ranked opponents, Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns. Now, both men are ahead of him in the official rankings, so Thompson is looking to be matched up with someone closer to where he sits in the top ten.

“I’m ranked number seven right now. So I mean, anybody right above me, or below me. I really don’t care,” he said. ‘I’ve been trying to get that fight since he (Robbie Lawler) was champion. I’ll be watching that fight very close. I think that would be a fun fight for sure.

“But you know, it doesn’t matter to be honest with you. You got a lot of guys that are coming up. You got Pereira who just came off of a win. Obviously, Kevin Holland who just won his fight. I know he’s calling out Sean Brady but he’s definitely a guy that I’m keeping a close eye on as well. Because he’s moving up the rankings quick. He was great at 185 he make the cut to 170 fairly easy. So that’s another guy. I know. There’s a lot of guys that I’m keeping my eye on because they’re coming up the rankings pretty quick.”

Although Thompson seems to have strict criteria for his next matchup, he has in fact turned down a call-out recently. He was called out by Sean Brady, but Thompson is not interested in that one. He did, however, express interest in both Nick Diaz and Dustin Poirier. However, neither seem like actual possibilities.

Who would you like to see Stephen Thompson face next in the Octagon?

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