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Strickland On Holland’s Crime-Fighting Spree: “Do You Want A Brownie?”

Middleweight contender Sean Strickland has given his thoughts on UFC peer Kevin Holland’s recent run of crime-fighting.

While Holland has been getting work done inside the Octagon since making the move down to welterweight, recording back-to-back stoppage wins against Alex Oliveira and Tim Means, his fighting talents haven’t been restricted to the steel surroundings of the cage.

Courtesy of a remarkably-frequent spree of crime preventions, “Trailblazer” has also been putting in the work when it comes to keeping the streets of Texas safe. Holland’s superhero activities began last October when he allegedly apprehended a thief attempting to steal a car. Five months later, Holland was seemingly at it again, this time taking down a gunman in a sushi restaurant.

Having broadened his hero horizons by apparently rescuing the driver of an 18-wheeler that had overturned, Holland returned to crimefighting just days before his victory over Means at UFC Austin, retrieving stolen bottles of perfume from another thief.

Sean Strickland Unimpressed With “Crimefighter” Kevin Holland

Unsurprisingly, the situations have received heavy press and reactions from across the MMA community. Former Bellator and ONE champion Ben Askren even suggested that “Big Mouth” may be fabricating the incidents.

The latest to give their take is controversial middleweight Strickland, whose response when asked about Holland’s protective work during his appearance at UFC 276 media day was essentially: ‘Big whoop’

“I don’t know man, Kevin Holland’s a f*cking girl. I mean, yeah, good for him man. Like, f*cking, way to be a good guy, way to be a f*cking superhero Kevin Holland,” Strickland said. “F*cking, do you want a brownie? Do you want a f*cking award? Yeah, he’s doing the right thing, good job. I have nothing to say to that, dude. I’d probably like him more if he was the one committing the crimes.”

Having previously expressed a desire to kill one of his opponents inside the Octagon, it perhaps doesn’t come as a surprise that Strickland would prefer for Holland to be the one bringing the crime to the streets of Texas, rather than preventing it.

In a world where Strickland did attempt to murder an opponent, though, vigilante Holland would no doubt be close by to save the day judging by his recent actions…

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