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Tito Ortiz Is On A Personal Manhunt To Track Down Robbers

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz has given extensive details behind the robbery of his Huntington Beach, CA home earlier this year.

Ortiz and his family were robbed of a series of valuables while all of them were out of the house back in June. Police say the residence was broken into by breaking a window on the balcony before the robbers stole a safe and other items.

Ortiz and his neighbors had surveillance cameras reviewed to potentially catch those responsible with no luck. The former UFC light heavyweight champion has now taken it upon himself to track down those who stole from him and other nearby houses.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ortiz spoke on the recent robbery and his journey to catch the perpetrators.

“We’ve been having problems of robberies that have been done here,” Ortiz revealed. “It’s scary that they have no balls to come to my house. I got robbed, they stole my safe…they stole all my girl’s shoes and her purses, they stole all my watches, and it was about a half million dollars in total that went missing.

“I wasn’t home, me and my three boys were in Palm Springs, my wife was in Texas. They had enough balls to come and do it. So for the last… it’s been a month now, from dusk until 4 in the morning, I’ve been searching this neighborhood. And I got about 6 or 7 other people that live around here, their house got hit too. They’ve been doing the same thing… so we’re doing little searches.”

Tito Ortiz Has A Theory Behind House Robbery

Tito Ortiz

Despite the robbers not being caught yet, Ortiz has theorized how they were able to break in and out with relative ease.

“I’ve been kinda suspicious about this. I’ve had a drone behind my home, about a month and half ago,” Ortiz said. “And I was like ‘what’s this drone sitting and looking at me for?’ I thought it was cops who were surveying us or whatever. Come to find out that someone was tapping into my online cameras, and the IP address that was on my camera to break into it. So, they were watching me probably the month before. Me going in and out, seeing where my safe was, and come to realize that I kinda messed up and I should’ve done it another way. My guy came in and did a firewall on it and encrypted it.”

Ortiz is retired from MMA but has teased a potential return by the end of the year. He last competed in a boxing match against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva last September, losing via first-round knockout.

For now, Ortiz continues to investigate the robbery and hopes to catch the thieves sooner rather than later.

Those with information on the robbery of Ortiz and other Huntington Beach residences are encouraged to call local police at (714) 375-5066.

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