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Tom Aspinall: The World Has Only Seen 10% Of My Potential

Tom Aspinall could be one win away from a heavyweight title shot, and we’ve apparently only seen a small part of his game.

Aspinall is set to face Curtis Blaydes in the UFC London main event today at The O2 Arena. This will be his second-straight main event in London, after earning a first-round submission of Alexander Volkov earlier this year.

A winner of eight straight, Aspinall has surged into the heavyweight title picture and could potentially earn a title shot with a win over Blaydes. He’s known for his speed on the feet, but also has an elite grappling game which he showcased in the finish over Volkov.

Despite what the 29-year-old Aspinall has shown in the Octagon so far in his career, there’s a lot he still has to showcase going forward.

Tom Aspinall Isn’t Lacking Confidence Ahead Of Second Straight Main Event

Tom Aspinall
Tom Aspinall (Image Credit: UFC on YouTube)

During his UFC London pre-fight media day, Aspinall made an eye-opening admission when it comes to his recent performances.

“I just have so much I have not shown,” Aspinall said. “People don’t know what to expect. Nobody has any idea. Curtis or anyone else in the heavyweight division doesn’t know what I bring to the table, because I haven’t shown it yet. I’ve shown 10% of my game because my Octagon time is so short, like no one’s really seen what I can really do. I have so much that nobody knows about which is a massive advantage for me.”

UFC President Dana White admitted earlier this year that Aspinall promised him he would fight in the UFC when he was just 12 years old. He made his UFC debut in July 2020, earning a first-round knockout of Jake Collier before earning finishes over the likes of Alan Baudot and former champion Andrei Arlovski.

Despite his obvious confidence, Aspinall has teased a slow and methodical rise to a heavyweight title shot. Following his win over Volkov, he denied that he deserved an interim heavyweight title shot and praised the other top contenders in the division.

Aspinall could win a heavyweight title one day, and he’ll look to show some never-before-seen elements of his skillset today against Blaydes.

Is Tom Aspinall a future UFC champion?

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