Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ex-UFC Vet Hits Out At PFL For ‘Substantial’ Playoff Purse Cut

Featherweight top seed Chris Wade is hitting out at the PFL over what he calls a “substantial” playoff purse cut.

Wade was interviewed by ESPN recently, discussing his upcoming semifinals clash with Brendan Loughnane in the featherweight tournament.

During the interview, Wade revealed he’s taking a pay cut in the playoffs compared to his regular season purse.

Chris Wade Opens Up About PFL Playoff Pay Cut

Chris Wade: PFL title fight 'absolutely biggest moment of my career'
Chris Wade

The 145-pounder said he considered not competing in the playoffs unless the promotion matches his regular season purse. It’s a conversation he had to have last season with PFL as well, who threatened to replace him with an alternate if he didn’t accept the pay cut.

“This year, it’s happening again,” Wade said. “Right is right, wrong is wrong. You can only take so much as a homeowner, as a family man. I need to look out for me and mine, as well.”

Typically, the PFL only pays for the travel and accommodations for the fighter and one cornerman. With Wade vs. Loughnane being expected to main event the PFL’s August 20 card, Wade will be allowed three cornermen.

Wade isn’t sure if he’ll only have to pay for one of the extra cornermen, or both, but either way, after taxes and travel expenses, it’s going to make a big dent.

“It’s not sustainable for a lot of us as fighters,” Wade said. “As a fighter, you have to look at what’s worst-case scenario. God forbid, the fight doesn’t go your way. You go over to a different country, you pay taxes, paying $1,200 a pop for cornermen to fly over, for hotel rooms.”

What do you make of Chris Wade and his claims of having his playoff purse cut? Sound off in the comments section below!

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