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Watch/Archives: Cyborg Calls Dana White A Liar Backstage (2019)

On this day three years ago, Dana White found himself well aware of how Cris Cyborg felt about him.

At UFC 240, Cris Cyborg would compete in the UFC for the final time when she defeated Felicia Spencer via unanimous decision. It was not a friendly parting of ways, with White accusing Cyborg of not wanting a rematch with Nunes for the final fight of her contract. and He then said he was “Out of the Cyborg business” after tensions between the two sides became public.

Cyborg has since moved to Bellator MMA, where she has yet to lose since. Yet, despite being signed to another promotion, the former UFC featherweight champion has insisted that she remains willing, if not eager, to face Nunes in an interpromotional rematch.

A little over a week after the video enclosed in the forthcoming article was released, Cyborg would apologize to White for her team heavily editing the video:

“Hey guys, I know that many people saw the video of my confrontation with Dana White after UFC 240 that was posted on my official YouTube channel, Twitter account and Instagram account. I want to let everyone know that the video was edited by my Production Team to make it appear as though Dana told me “and listen whenever you hear me saying stuff, I’m not saying …the truth.” Dana did not say that to me, and the subtitles in the video were incorrect.”

Latest News

Earlier this month, Cyborg opened up about why she believes she was knocked out by Amanda Nunes at UFC 232. In her most recent bout, she defeated Arlene Blencowe at Bellator 279 for her sixth straight win after the Nunes loss.

Also, while there have been no substantive talks about a superfight against PFL‘s Kayla Harrison, nor any talks at all about her rematching Amanda Nunes, there is one crossover superfight that has been discussed, with Cyborg reportedly having a bout against boxing champion Katie Taylor in the works for this December.

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On This Day Three Years Ago…


Headline: Video: Cyborg Calls Dana White A Liar Backstage At UFC 240

Author: Mike Drahota

Cris Cyborg and UFC President Dana White continue to be at odds.

The former UFC women’s featherweight champion recently got back into the win column by defeating Felicia Spencer in the co-main event of UFC 240. But Cyborg was immediately headed for a fight with much, much more drama involved.

Her win over Spencer was the last fight on her UFC contract. The topic of whether or not she would re-sign with the UFC quickly became one of the hottest in all of MMA. Her highly-publicized spat with the UFC was truly kicked into overdrive when she demanded a public apology from White during an interview with Ariel Helwani this week:

“Of course, he has to apologize. I think he has family, he has kids.…I don’t know if he has a heart, but I think one thing he’s doing is not just touching me because he doesn’t like me. He’s touching the people around me, he’s touching my family. It’s not right.”

Backstage Confrontation

According to Cyborg, said confronted White after her win at UFC 240. The conversation centered around why he had supposedly lied about her not wanting a rematch with current champion Amanda Nunes:

“I looked him in the eyes and shook his hand and said ‘why are you lying?’ I texted your phone after the fight, I want my rematch.’ And then I said, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Why? He didn’t have words. There were a lot of cameras there, too.”

She claimed she wants the rematch with ‘The Lioness’ while White has repeatedly said she does not. Cyborg said cameras caught the exchange with the polarizing UFC President, and she wasn’t lying. She released the full exchange on YouTube earlier today. In it, Cyborg can be heard asking White he has been lying about the fight (via MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin):

“You know I text you for the rematch. You know this. Stop lying about it. What you are saying that I don’t want to fight. You know that I want to fight and I’m not scared.”

White Responds

White replied by saying he had not been lying. He suggested there may have been a disconnect between her management’s words and what Cyborg actually wants:

“I’m not lying about it,” White said. “I don’t know if you know how it played out with management and whatever but we want to do that fight. I want to do that fight right now. We’ll get it done.”

White has claimed he wants to book Nunes vs. Cyborg II. He should, as it’s far and away the biggest fight in women’s MMA right now. But it also begs the question as to why White continues to trounce Cyborg in the public eye, something he’s done for years now. He even went as far as to say he ‘understood’ why Cyborg wouldn’t want to fight a killer like Nunes again and further damage her rep.

No Need To Trash Cyborg

True, Cyborg’s knockout loss to Nunes certainly took away her aura of invincibility. But there’s also no shame in losing to a woman who could be approaching the greatest of all-time status for all MMA fighters. Cyborg was and still very much is one of the most popular competitors in the world.

That is why it’s so surprising that the UFC doesn’t stop disparaging a woman they could be promoting for their own gain. In that sense, they seem to be shooting themselves in the proverbial foot. For now, Cyborg has a three-month window in which to negotiate with the UFC on a new deal. After that, she will be free to negotiate with other promotions, of which there would be many if she indeed reached the open market.

She’s stated she would also be willing to sign a one-off deal to fight Nunes again, signaling she’s not running from the bout. This mess continues to get messier, and the posting of Cyborg and White’s backstage confrontation most likely won’t help matters.

You can watch the confrontation between Cyborg and Dana White in its entirety here (Begins at 12:30):

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