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Watch: MMA Fighter DQ’d For Holding Onto Choke, Shoves Ref (2020)

On this day two years ago, we ran a story about MMA fighter Ahmad Al Darmaki (2-5) getting disqualified for not releasing a choke.

To make matters worse, Darmaki shoved referee Marc Goddard after the disqualification. Due to his actions, Darmaki was kicked out of UAE Warriors, and he has not competed in any MMA event since.

One month later, Al Darmaki provided his side of the story, which you can view below.

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In some more positive news, earlier this year, Marc Goddard announced the launching of an online officiating training program. You can get the full scoop on that story right here.

And for some other recent viral MMA finishes, there’s no better place to look than our new Top 10 Finishes of the Week series, which you can check out right here.

The following story was published on this day two years ago. It is presented to you in its original, unaltered form, courtesy of The MMA News Archives.

On This Day Two Years Ago…


Headline: Fighter Disqualified After Holding Onto Choke & Shoving Referee Marc Goddard

Author: Fernando Quiles Jr.

Things got hectic during a UAE Warriors event between a fighter and referee Marc Goddard.

Ahmad Al Darmaki went one-on-one with Bogdan Kirilenko in Abu Dhabi on Friday (July 31). Al Darmaki locked in a rear-naked choke and initially scored the submission win. The problem was, Al Darmaki didn’t want to let go of the choke. Goddard had to force Al Darmaki off and the fighter got aggressive with the official and shoved him multiple times. This led to Al Darmaki being disqualified.

Peep the madness below courtesy of Caposa.

This isn’t the first time Goddard has been a part of an unusual circumstance inside the cage. Back in 2017, Goddard was the official for a Bellator bout in Dublin, Ireland between Charlie Ward and John Redmond. Ward won the bout and Conor McGregor, who trains with Ward, jumped inside the cage to embrace his friend. Goddard pulled McGregor away from Ward and the “Notorious” one ended up shoving the official from behind.

McGregor wasn’t in Ward’s corner that night as he was in the crowd. At the time, Goddard said he only pulled McGregor away so that he could get to Ward and notify him that he hadn’t officially called an end to the bout yet. Ward earned the TKO victory with just one second left in the opening round.

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