Saturday, August 13, 2022

Watch: IBF Champ Sunny Edwards Pieces Up Twitter Troll

In what appears to be somewhat of a new trend, yet another online troll has met the fists of a combat sports athlete in real life.

How many times are we going to have to do this? If there are two lessons in life for people who choose to abuse and berate athletes online, it’s don’t do it, in general, and if you get called out by said athlete, don’t think you can stand and bang with them and find any success.

The latest to find that out was a Twitter troll who traveled 200 miles to the Sheffield, England, gym of IBF Flyweight Champion Sunny Edwards. For some perspective, “Showtime” is 18-0 as a professional, and has defended his title twice since winning it last April.

And yet someone came to the conclusion it would be smart to enter a ring with him… Not only that, but he also paid the plus-$100 train fee up from London for the privilege.

Of the notable shots, which are visible thanks to Edwards live-streaming the exchange, one left hook sends the individual back-pedalling quicker than Jordan Leavitt this past weekend at UFC London as Paddy Pimblett attempted to drop his backside onto his head.

A right hook then forces a pause as the troll recovers from his wobble; a generous move from Edwards. And then one final left hook was all she wrote.

It seems like something that only an individual who enjoys abusing people from behind a screen would attempt to do — prove their toughness by sparring a boxing champion who was quite obviously going to piece them up.

Did it prove the man’s toughness? Or perhaps stupidity? We’ll let you decide.

Troll Admits Edwards Was “Fast,” Left Him With “Headaches”

It appears more than likely that the troll, who seemingly goes by the username “Fab Tanga,” used the opportunity to draw attention to himself. In his Twitter bio, he writes, “Provocation, wildness and expressionism are art. I am art.” I think most would argue that the aesthetic of Edwards cannoning his head with a left hook was the only “art” on show.

After the session, the man shared Edwards’ picture of the pair, who’d seemingly gotten out all of their animosity inside the ring. In the caption, he proclaimed some sort of victory, before describing Edwards as “fast.”

We probably could have told you that before, sir.

“Be there and try to hit the fastest man in the world , thank you @SunnyEdwards I know you was able to hurt me more,but the god give me the strength at least to stand infront of a REAL CHAMPION, in and out of the sport, you are an EXAMPLE FOR ALL THE WORLD @SunnyEdwards he is FAST”

The individual has also been keeping frequent track of the view count, even requesting money from talkSPORT’s Michael Benson, who shared the clip to his account.

With that, it seems Fab Tanga’s trolling days are far from over, with the likes of Muhammad Mokaev, Paddy Pimblett, Sean O’Malley, Jorge Masvidal, and Kai Kara-France all receiving fire from the apparent career troll on social media in recent days.

Let’s just skip the pleasantries and get Francis Ngannou in there with him, shall we?

What do you make of Sunny Edwards’ sparring session with the Twitter troll?

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