Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Yair Explains Why Volkanovski/Holloway 3 Was “Eye-Opening”

Yair Rodriguez is seeing the champion Volkanovski in a whole new light.

Yair Rodriguez could be on his way to a title shot with a win over Brian Ortega at UFC Long Island today. The road to get to this point was rocky for Rodriguez but now coming off a loss to the last title contender, Rodriguez thinks he is next for champion Alexander Volkanovski.

During an interview with MMA Fighting, Rodriguez spoke about how he saw the fight go down between Volkanovski and Max Holloway at UFC 276.

“Wow, wow. That’s all I can say, wow. He looked amazing. It was eye-opening for me, too. So, I better get ready for that if I wanna be the champion,” he said. “If I’m gonna be the champion, I’m gonna have to put in some work, because he is tough, he’s really tough.”

Yair Rodriguez

Rodriguez Admits He Has Work To Do To Keep Up With Volkanovski

Rodriguez knows firsthand how tough Holloway is. He is the last man Rodriguez faced and Holloway won the fight by unanimous decision. Watching Volkanovski dismantle Holloway throughout five rounds was truly an eye-opening experience for Rodriguez.

“His last fights before, he didn’t look that well,” he said. “This fight, he looked so quick, explosive, smart strategy-wise. He had everything. He’s shown why he’s the champion.”

Of course, Rodriguez still has work to do to get the chance to stand across the cage from Volkanovski. He must first defeat Brian Ortega, one of the best fighters in the featherweight division right now. Although Rodriguez claims Dana White has promised him a title shot with a win, there could still be other options. the path to a title shot is not always as clear-cut as Rodriguez is making it out to be.

Do you think Yair Rodriguez should earn a title shot with a win over Brian Ortega?

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