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Yanez Breaks Down Exactly Why O’Malley Fight Would Be So Entertaining

UFC bantamweight Adrian Yanez has broken down how he thinks a fight between him and fellow rising contender Sean O’Malley would play out.

Last month at UFC Austin, Yanez continued his climb up the 135-pound ladder by extending his promotional record to 5-0. He did so with a fourth knockout in the Octagon, this time against Tony Kelley in front of an adoring home crowd.

With the victory, Yanez has secured the #15 spot in the division and likely secured his first ranked opponent next time out.

Yanez is a surging figure in one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC. But while matchups like Dominick Cruz vs. Marlon Vera, Aljamain Sterling vs. TJ Dillashaw, and José Aldo vs. Merab Dvalishvili are intriguing prospects, it’s a future bout for the low-ranked Yanez that has everyone talking.

The Texan’s latest victory once again sparked talk of a potential collision with fellow exciting 135lber O’Malley, largely thanks to Yanez’s post-fight callout, which was met with a positive response from “Sugar.”

And although it seems that a victory over Pedro Munhoz tomorrow night at UFC 276 would move the #13-ranked O’Malley beyond Yanez’s reach for now, that hasn’t stopped him breaking down the charismatic striker’s game during an interview with The AllStar’s John Hyon Ko.

“It’s the range and the feints. He does both very, very well. That’s like, what sets everything else up, and that’s why he’s able to get creative like he does,” said Yanez. “He’s setting everything up. Every little movement, is a setup. He doesn’t just throw a punch to throw a punch. He doesn’t feint just to throw a feint. He wants you thinking every single time.

“He did so many things before that knockout (versus Eddie Wineland) happened. It was feints, he was thinking, making him think low, making him think high, making him think that there was an uppercut coming, then switches up to a straight-cross,” Yanez continued. “Everything he’s doing, he’s doing for certain reasons and off certain reads.”

Yanez Predicts Tactical Brawl Versus O’Malley

Having broken down O’Malley’s skillset and talented striking, Yanez assessed how his own game would match up with the Montana native’s.

Given the similarities that he’s identified in his and O’Malley’s skillsets, Yanez said he’d be expecting a tactical affair that would at times turn into a brawl, making what appears to be an inevitable matchup down the line must-see for the fans.

“I feel like I do the exact same thing. I feel like I put the forward pressure so I can see what they’re gonna do, and then I counter off of that. So it’d be a fun fight,” said Yanez. “It’d be like, a thinking man’s fight too. It would be like, both of us are doing things, we’re all working in different ranges… not only a thinking man’s game, but we’d end up brawling, too… It’d be like tacticians, like, point, point, point, then brawl.”

While he credited O’Malley’s rise and is well aware of his abilities, Yanez backs himself to stop “Sugar” if, or when, they share the Octagon down the line.

“If I put everything together, I feel like I shut him down. Especially if I’m not having an off-night, I’m on my game 100%, I feel like I stop him,” claimed Yanez. “But at the same time, you can’t be off against Sean O’Malley. Any off-night you have against him, you’ll be waking up… But I feel like I’d be able to hurt him. I’d be able to hurt him to the body, to the head, everywhere. I love this fight for myself.”

How do you think a fight between Adrian Yanez and Sean O’Malley would play out?

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