Tuesday, August 16, 2022

13-Year-Old And Her Dad Are Raising Money For IMMAF Trip

A 13-year-old UK MMA Fighter and her dad are asking for help to get her to the IMMAF World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

Aisha Barwick of Plymouth, England is one of the best MMA fighters in her age group. She began kickboxing at seven years old and has since transitioned over to mixed martial arts. She is so good that she has qualified to compete in the IMMAF World Championship later this year in Abu Dhabi.

The International MMA Federation (IMMAF) holds youth World Championships every year. Young MMA fighters from over 22 countries get together in Abu Dhabi to compete to see who is the best. There are different age groups beginning at 12 years old and children can qualify to represent their country.

Barwick and her father are asking for help to cover the expenses for the trip.

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£2,000 Needed For MMA Championships Opportunity

Scott Barwick has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the cost of travel and necessities for his daughter for the IMMAF competition.

“She’s [Aisha’s] gifted and she’s sporty and she’s a high achiever in school, she doesn’t lack any of these things,” Barwick said of his daughter to the Plymouth Herald. “She practices seven days a week and sometimes competes on the weekends.”

The competition starts on August 17, so the window to help is limited. They can use all the help they can get as EMMAF (England Mixed Martial Arts Federation) does not have funding at this time.

For those willing to help cover the cost of Barwick’s trip to Abu Dhani, donations can be made on their GoFundMe page linked HERE.

Do you watch the youth IMMAF World Championships?

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