Monday, September 26, 2022

City of Milwaukee Names August 12th ‘Anthony Pettis Day’

August 12th is now a holiday for mixed martial arts fans in Milwaukee, as the city has now declared this a day to celebrate former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis.

Pettis has been more than a local star for Milwaukee, WI, where he was born and raised, as he has worked to help with his community and give back as he has grown through the sport. Now it seems that they have decided to give back and reward him for the generosity that he has shown over the years.

According to a post on Twitter from “Showtime,” the City of Milwaukee has officially declared August 12th to be “Anthony Pettis Day.” Alongside this announcement came an official proclamation that was framed and presented to him, with a cage in the backdrop.

“Last night the City of Milwaukee presented me with a proclamation announcing August 12th as Anthony Pettis Day in MKE from now until forever,” Pettis captioned along with his photos of the event.

The Career of Anthony Pettis

At the time of writing, Anthony Pettis is still actively competing and is fresh off of a defeat to Stevie Ray in the PFL 2021 season lightweight semifinals. Prior to his most recent run in the PFL, he spent 20 fights in the UFC, where he won the title at lightweight, and competed at both featherweight and welterweight. Before that, he was in the WEC where he was also the champion.

While there is little doubt that Anthony Pettis is closer to the end of his career than the beginning, it is nice to see him being shown respect and appreciation for his contributions both in and outside the sport. At a bare minimum, there is at least now an excuse for MMA fans to eat Wheaties on August 12th every year.

How do you plan to celebrate “Anthony Pettis Day” each year?

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