Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Helwani: Jake Paul’s Fighter Pay Crusade Has Been Discredited

MMA journalist Ariel Helwani continues to publicly reprimand Jake Paul for his trolling of Luke Rockhold during and after his fight at UFC 278.

Rockhold lost to Paulo Costa on Saturday night via a unanimous decision in a ‘Fight of the Night’ winner at UFC 278. He announced his retirement immediately following the three-round war.

While the Rockhold/Costa fight was arguably anything but technical, the two middleweights showed grit and toughness and entertained the MMA fan base. Except for Paul, who lambasted the two middleweights and mocked them for their performance in the Octagon.

This prompted Helwani to come to the defense of Rockhold and Costa against Paul’s Twitter attacks. After scolding Paul for his behavior, Helwani has taken it a step further when it comes to how Paul is now perceived by the MMA community.

Ariel Helwani Feels Jake Paul’s Fighter Pay Advocation Is Discredited

During a recent segment of The MMA Hour, Helwani went off on Paul for how he handled himself while watching UFC 278.

“Shame on you, Jake Paul,” Helwani exclaimed. “Shame on you for what you said about those guys on Saturday night. Trust me I get it… they’re 85ers, picking a fight, one guy is at the end of his UFC contract… there’s potential fights there. I get that this is somewhat of a work.

“And I don’t even care that you were coming after me, the lone guy in MMA media it feels at times who has had your back, who has supported what you’ve tried to do, who has given you props… shame on you for picking on the guy who’s saying the stuff that you were saying over the past year, year and a half. The exact same stuff that you were saying, only difference is, he meant it. He felt it. He experienced it. You’re on the outside looking in. None of this pertains to you, but you have said it and you have done a good job at shining a light on it…

“To do this gimmick, to do this shtick about the one guy who had the freaking balls to do it in the media room, in front of the media, in front of the people…to say the things he’s said, shame on you for being that guy at that moment taking it away from Luke Rockhold. Because everything you’ve said for the past year and a half in my opinion, discredited after what you did on Saturday.”

Paul has made a name for himself in the boxing ring but has also advocated for UFC fighters to get better compensation for their efforts in the Octagon. He has lambasted UFC President Dana White for his treatment of the UFC’s roster.

Rockhold made headlines during UFC 278 fight week when he spoke in detail about his thoughts on UFC fighter pay and what should be done about it. This led to many fellow fighters, fans, and pundits praising Rockhold for speaking out.

Helwani has been one of the few combat sports journalists to consistently give Paul a platform during his boxing career, going back to his knockout of Ben Askren last year. Paul is anticipating a return to the ring by the end of 2022.

Paul and Helwani had been seen by some as allies in the fight game when it comes to speaking out against how UFC fighters are treated by White and the brass, but things seem to have taken a hostile turn after this past weekend.

What are your thoughts on Ariel Helwani’s comments on Jake Paul?

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