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Belal Muhammad Calls Out Amanda Nunes For Post-Fight Comments

Belal Muhammad is unhappy with Amanda Nunes’ post-fight remarks.

UFC 277 saw Amanda Nunes reclaim her bantamweight title when she defeated Julianna Peña. The fight was a five-round war that left both fighters dismantled on the way out. Peña and Nunes both sustained a great deal of damage in the fight. Dana White believed that Peña could have needed surgery following the bout.

Amanda Nunes Was Full Of Confidence Following Her Win Over Peña

In the post-fight media interview, Nunes stated that she feels she could have finished Peña at any time during the fight. She chose to prolong the win and go the distance in the bout. She won via unanimous decision.

These comments were not met well by another UFC fighter, Belal Muhammad.

“There were moments in the fight where Julianna could have won that fight,” Muhammad said on his Instagram. “Amanda [Nunes] I felt like is getting too cocky, getting too arrogant saying ‘I could have finished her in the first round if I wanted to, but I wanted to go five rounds so I could show her who’s better’, blah, blah, blah.”

Muhammad feels that Nunes disrespected Peña with those comments.

“Get out of here with that. You couldn’t finish her,” Muhammad said. “She knows that Julianna punches hard, her eye was very swollen, she left on crutches while leaving. So, she was definitely in a fight.” (h/t MiddleEasy)

Muhammad was clearly on the side of Peña in the lead-up and following the fight. He had previously won a wager against PFL star Kayla Harrison that Peña would defeat Nunes at UFC 269, a bet that ended in Harrison singing her rendition of Céline Dion’s “My Heart WIll Go On.” Muhamad also stated on his social media that he believes the two should fight a third time.

Do you think Amanda Nunes went too far with his comments following UFC 277?

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