Wednesday, October 5, 2022

BJ Penn Fights Hawaii Governor Loss, Blames Voter Suppression

Whether it is in the Octagon or the Hawaii Governor’s office, BJ Penn is never one to back down from a fight.

When former UFC lightweight champion Penn announced that he was running for the position of Governor of Hawaii, fans were surprised to say the least. After a long and somewhat bizarre race that saw him have numerous run-ins with the law, it was revealed that he had lost the vote for the Republican Party nominee by a wide margin.

BJ Penn is Still Fighting

Despite the fact that the difference between he and winner, Duke Aiona’s voter count was fairly steep, BJ Penn made it clear that he was not conceding the loss. He spoke immediately after the fact to announce his plans to contest the defeat, and has since turned those words into actions.

According to reports, Penn has filed an official complaint with the Hawaii Supreme Court, to fight the results of the election. According to the complaint, he sites “an appearance of inaccurate reporting, ballot mishandling, ballot design components, breaches at counting centers and ballot deposit sites, discrimination, voter suppression, and media violations are the main catalysts for this inquiry.”

To support his claims, Penn notes instances of a supposed missing lock on a ballot box, as well as alleged mishandled security around certain voting areas. It is unclear at this time what evidence he has to back these claims up, but prior to the election he voiced concerns about situations like this happening, as well as shared videos of supposedly turned-away voters on Election Day.

Time will tell what eventually comes of this formal complaint levied by the UFC legend. However, one thing is clear, and that is the fact that BJ Penn is not going to be accepting this defeat silently.

Do you think BJ Penn was the victim of voting misconduct?

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