Wednesday, September 28, 2022

BJ Penn Drastically Loses GOP Nomination For Hawaii Governor

It would appear that the run of former UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn attempting to be the governor of Hawaii has come to an end.

When it was revealed that Penn was no longer competing in the UFC, fans were wondering what he would be doing with his life after competition. While he is not the first MMA fighter to transition to politics, few expected to hear that he would be running for the office of Governor, in his home state of Hawaii. Nevertheless, he made the announcement earlier this year that he was entering the race.

Unfortunately, after a rocky campaign, it seems that BJ Penn will no longer be in the running, at least not as a candidate for the Republican Party. According to a report from local news anchor Tom George, the UFC Hall of Famer has suffered another defeat, as he lost the GOP nomination to Duke Aiona, who collected 55% of votes compared to “The Prodigy’s” 22% of votes.

BJ Penn Has Not Conceded

Despite failing by a wide margin to capture the GOP nomination for the Republican Party in this election, it seems that BJ Penn is not finished running for the position of governor. At least, he has not made the decision to concede and accept the defeat.

Shortly after news broke that he had lost the election, Penn posted to his Instagram Stories to give his reaction. Here he revealed that he will not be conceding and that the fight was not over yet.

Whether or not this means that BJ Penn will be continuing to run for Governor of Hawaii as an Independent candidate has yet to be revealed. Either way, it is hard to imagine he would fare much better in the overall election, especially given the wide disparity between him and the candidate who won the Republican GOP.

Would you vote for BJ Penn to be the Governor of Hawaii?

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