Saturday, September 24, 2022

Watch: Boxer Earns Controversial KO Immediately After Glove Touch

Lightweight boxer Ruben Torres taught Cristian Baez a brutal lesson in keeping your guard up at all times during a fight.

Torres and Baez competed at a recent Thompson Boxing Promotions event on Saturday in Corona, CA. Torres entered the fight 18-0 and looked to further progress his career towards potential stardom in boxing.

The matchup was a back-and-forth affair for the first six rounds, with both Baez and Torres landing knockdowns and having plenty of winning moments. The tide would turn in the seventh round after Baez tripped and fell after appearing to tangle feet with Torres during an exchange.

Baez immediately protested the fall being a knockdown and he and Torres touched gloves to make amends and restart the action. The matchup would come to an abrupt halt when Torres hit Baez with a powerful left hook that knocked him out unconscious immediately following the glove touch.

Watch the incident involving Torres and Baez below.

Twitter Debates KO As “Dirty” Or “Foul”

Here were some of the comments found under the comments section of the video, which asked whether the KO was “dirty” or not.

“Legal but dirty as fuck,” UFC middleweight Chris Curtis said.

“could’ve waited a few seconds but that shot was beautiful.”

“I mean it better be a fantastic shot if you opponent isn’t defending nor expecting it,” another user countered.

“What rule did he violate,” one user chimed in.

And in what was the most reoccurring comment found on the post, many users pointed to boxing’s foremost unwritten rule.

“protect yourself at all times. The ref tells u that before every fight for a reason.”

The Torres/Baez moment is similar to that of Boxing Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather’s knockout over Victor Ortiz back in 2011. After an infraction by Ortiz, he attempted to apologize to Mayweather before the all-time great landed a brutal combination to end the fight.

Torres has now won 19 straight fights to begin his professional career, despite his most recent victory coming with some element of controversy in some viewers’ eyes.

Do you think Ruben Torres’ knockout was fair or foul?

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